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12" Botanical Bliss
100% Natural Organic Latex Mattress
4.8/5 54

Our 100% natural latex mattresses are often recommended by orthopedic specialists and chiropractors because of the unequaled support they provide. This mattress is also GreenGuard Certified. Learn More

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Why the Botanical Bliss
by Specialists

Our Botanical Bliss latex mattresses are often recommended by orthopedic specialists and chiropractors because of the unequalled support they provide.

100 Night
Comfort Exchange

If your talalay latex mattress layer is either too firm or too soft for any reason, we offer a free, 100 night in-home comfort adjustment with $0 shipping fees.

100 Night
Money Back Guarantee

Every Botanical Bliss latex mattress comes with our famous 100 night sleep trial offering free shipping and free returns. Sleep better or receive all of your money back.

25 Year
Manufacturer's Warranty

PlushBeds guarantees that your latex mattress will be replaced or repaired should it be deemed defective because of faulty workmanship or structural defects for a period of 25 years.

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Super Plush
I weigh 260 and I'm a side sleeper. I like a plush and soft feeling otherwise I get pain in my hips and shoulders. This mattress is incredible. It is very plush and soft (I ordered the medium) and I have no more pressure on my hips and shoulders when I sleep on my side. I am finally able to sleep through the night.
September 17, 2011
Thought This Was A Hoax
So far I have been very impressed with this company as well as the bed itself. My first experience on the phone was with John and he was extremely patient with me and answered all of my questions with candor. We received our 12' BOTANICAL BLISS promptly. We live on the east coast and had our mattress in less than a week. I unpackaged it and immediately noticed that it was truly odor free and seem to be of high quality. Some of the holes in the latex did not have the plugs completely removed which will impede airflow, but other than that it looked great. I took our old mattress of several years (Comfortair/Select Comfort) apart and it still smells inside after nearly 4 years. This prompted me to inspect the Botanical Bliss mattress even more closely for odors and I found nothing that smelled unnatural, if I smelled anything at all.

Now for the bad:

Two days after we received our mattress they put it on sale for an additional100 off. I sent an email complaining and got no response. I decided to call a few days later and my call was promptly returned by Jo. I explained our situation and with no hassle at all she said we will issue a credit.

We ordered the medium firm mattress because we sleep close together and have made a body impression in each of our previous 4 mattresses in the last 12 years. We thought the additional firmness would equate to more longevity. After sleeping on it we found it to be too firm. My wife is okay with it, but I need a little more plushness before it gets firm. I explained this to Jo while we were on the phone and her first question is, "How long have you slept on it?". I said about 2 weeks and expected the typical response, you need to give your body more time to adjust. She immediately said that is plenty of time. We need to do a free comfort exchange. I was amazed.

We don't have our new topper yet but so far I'm very impressed with this company, and the mattress. I can't believe I got a100 credit and a comfort exchange in a simple 10 minute return call from a very nice lady. I feel sure that with some adjustment I'm going to love this mattress as well as my wife does. Jo said she would work with me changing components until we got the mattress to our liking and I believe her. Even if we were to never get the mattress to our liking (not likely based on the comfort level so far) I can honestly say this is a quality company to do business with.

Pull the trigger and give them a try, I truly believe you have nothing to lose based on my experience so far.
February 23, 2015
The Best Sleep that I've had in Years
What I liked about the purchase of my 12-inch natural latex mattress with Plushbeds was not only was it immediately the best sleep that I've had in years. It's a little on the firm side, but not too much if you know what I mean. Delivery was quick and the appearance exceeded my expectations. I really like the 2 latex pillows and the waterproof mattress protector that came with the mattress. A local store would have charged $250 for this.
January 20, 2010
Huge Fan
It supports every inch of my body, especially my back and it is very comfortable. I feel completely relaxed at night. My husband used to toss all through the night, but he is much more restful now. For the first time we actually look forward to going to bed because we know we will be so comfortable. The only issue we had was that the mattress arrived 3 days later than expected and it was heavy to carry by ourselves into the house.
September 11, 2014
Bought 2
We have owned the first 12" botanical bliss (medium) for almost 3 years. It is the most comfortable bed my husband and I have ever enjoyed. I'm still able to sleep on my stomach while 6 months pregnant and neither of has shoulder or hip pain after a night of sleep. The environmental materials are simply no compromise. This is why we ordered a 2nd identical mattress for our LEED platinum vacation rental home. We love this mattress and recommend it to everyone.
November 11, 2015
Here is the amazing thing about this mattress: it almost feels like you're floating & there is nothing beneath you and yet you feel completely supported. I guess it's because you can't feel any pressure points no matter what position you sleep in. The Plushbeds customer service department answered all my questions, and the purchase and delivery went very smoothly, too.
August 23, 2009
Very Happy
My husband weighs 240 pounds. We have a hard time finding a mattress that gives him good support for his back. We heard great things about 100% natural latex and bought the 12" Botanical Bliss in medium firm. He is a back sleeper. We are thrilled with this mattress. He sleeps so comfortably now and he has the support that he has been looking for for many years. I like a plush mattress myself so it's perfect for both of us.
November 3, 2009
Excellent Customer Service!
Though the latex bed was too soft, Plush Beds customer service could not have been better. We ended up doing the comfort exchange which worked perfectly and there was no hassle in doing so. Thank you, Plush Beds, for all you did for us!
December 1, 2011
I have to say it's extremely comfortable. The cotton cover is very soft & we love the free pillows. Thanks for everything.
September 7, 2009
Pressure Free Purchase
Coming from a sales background, I have a bit of contempt for pushy salespeople, and had my guard up when I first called. Prior to calling I was on the phone with 3 other mattress companies who tried to manipulate me with high pressure closing techniques. Plushbeds answered all my questions & didn't try to force me to buy. I even hung up first to see if they were waiting until the last chance, but they did not. Great sales team and wonderful mattress. Very comfortable. I am glad I called back to make this purchase.
February 24, 2010
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