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Cool Gel Memory Foam Toppers

Gel Infused Memory Foam

Get a refreshing night's sleep with a Slice of Heaven™ Cool Gel memory foam mattress topper. 30% cooler than traditional memory foam, you'll experience a little Slice of Heaven™ every time you lie down.

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Slice of Heaven™ Cool Gel Topper

Sleep Cool and Refreshed with a Cool Gel Memory Foam Topper
Not ready to purchase a complete latex foam mattress or memory foam mattress? Want to experience the luxury feel of PlushBeds Cool Gel foam? You can greatly improve your current sleeping environment with a Slice of Heaven™ Cool Gel memory foam mattress topper without spending a lot of money. Available in a number of different sizes and densities, the mattress topper pad fits right on your existing bed. Like our luxury beds, our mattress topper pad is sensitive to your body's pressure points and adjusts to equalize weight distribution. Try a topper mattress pad, and enjoy a little Slice of Heaven™ every time you lie down.
When our cool gel memory foam is compressed, the gel beads coalesce, resulting in a smooth shift from viscoelastic (memory foam) properties to pressure-relieving gel properties, offering a luxurious Variable Support Factor. Greater compression brings greater support and the result is superior comfort. Gel foam is used in many products where pressure relief and energy absorption is required. Wrapped in our optional luxurious cover, our cool gel mattress topper is the perfect solution for a comfortable, cooler night's sleep.
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What makes our Cool Gel Memory Foam Topper the Best Mattress Pad you can buy?

made in U.S.A.
Made in the USA
Our toppers are crafted with pride in the USA, ensuring the highest product quality standards throughout the manufacturing and distribution process.
pressure relief
Superior Pressure Relief
Plushfoam provides better distribution of body weight by reducing pressure points, providing forgiving support for your shoulders, hips, back and knees

no fillers, non toxic
No Fillers and Non-Toxic
Our topper memory foam is pure meaning it has no fillers or toxic additives, emits no harmful gasses or odors and uses the highest quality chemicals.
odor free
Our topper pad memory foam is virtually odor free because of our Fresh Foam Technology.

topper construction
Resilient Construction
Our dense, closely knit cell structure guarantees that your mattress topper won't sag and will always return back to its original shape.
environmentally friendly
Environmentally Friendly
Our topper pad memory foam is environmentally friendly because of our C02 blowing agent used in the manufacturing process and because our foam contains soy based polyols.

sleeps cool
Sleeps Cooler
Our topper memory foam is cooler because our open cell visco elastic structure channels heat away rather than acting as an insulator like conventional Memory Foam. Through a patented Multiphase Glass Transition Range technology, Plushfoam™ also draws heat away from the body for a cool sensation during sleep.
Hypo-Allergenic, Anti-Microbial, Dust Mite Resistant and Mildew Resistant - great for allergy sufferers.

cool gel foam vs traditional memory foam

Slice of Heaven™ Cool Gel Foam Topper Return Policy

Return Policy -Due to their personal nature, Plushbeds cool gel toppers are not returnable.

Cancellation Policy - You may cancel your order any time prior to your topper pad being shipped (approximately 2-5 days from placing your order), and you will receive a complete refund. Once shipped, however, you will be responsible for round trip shipping charges.

Size Verification Policy - Please be sure to verify the correct size prior to placing your order. We are happy to accommodate size changes, and will ship your new topper to you, however you will be responsible for all shipping charges on the returned item. If you do order the wrong size, please notify us as soon as possible, so we can try to correct your order before it is shipped. In the event it is shipped, please do not remove the mattress from the packaging and contact us for a return authorization number.

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cool gel memory foam topper customer reviews
PlushBeds is proud to introduce this cool gel mattress topper as one of our new product offerings!

Rest assured that any new sleep product we bring to market it is thoroughly tested for quality and performance to ensure we maintain our reputation for the highest standards in the mattress industry.

All of our products reflect the pride in service and manufacturing we are known for and offer the quality sleep experience our customers have grown to expect. We look forward to your feedback, and hope that you will leave a review of your experience with this timely addition to our family of fine PlushBeds creations!

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