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10 Ways Your Pet Can Reduce His Carbon Paw Print

Dogs Paw

As an eco-friendly pet owner, you already know a thing or two about reducing your own carbon footprint. But did you know there are moves you can make that will reduce the paw print your precious pet leaves behind too?

These small moves you can make will help you create a more earth-friendly pet experience for your entire family – including your pet.

Seedles: Grow Your Own Rainbow

Seedles seed balls

From a Kickstarter campaign to backyards across the country, Seedles is doing its part to save the bee population in the U.S. The original Kickstarter campaign offered the catchy slogan: “Grow the Rainbow.” That’s just what Seedles allow consumers to do. By creating a fun way for people to plant colorful wildflowers practically anywhere.

The ultimate goal of the Seedles organization is to grow one billion wildflowers to encourage the resurgence of local bee populations — while also presenting a prettier landscape in cities and roadways everywhere. More importantly, the organization seeks to empower people to bring back bee populations in a way that is fun and easy for people to do. This is how Seedles came to be.

What are Seedles?

While Seedles is the company name, it is also the name of its product. Seedles are small balls made of a blend of wildflower seeds, water, and compost, surrounded by a food, child, planet, and animal-safe colored clay coating. The fact that they are surrounded by clay protects them from being eaten by birds or bugs, in addition to protecting the seeds inside until they sprout and begin to grow.

The Bee Problem

The bee population in the U.S. is vanishing rapidly. Vanishing bees equals diminished food supplies throughout the country. According to the Seedles Kickstarter campaign, bees have an impact on U.S. crops totalling $15 billion or more. So, for anyone who loves eating fruits, nuts, vegetables, and more, it’s in your best interest to do your part to save the bee population.

What Do Seedles Have to Do with Bees?

Bees love wildflowers. Rapid expansion of cities and suburbs, combined with vanishing farmland, are wiping out wildflower populations in areas where they are sometimes needed most.

The purpose of Seedles is to allow children, adults, and community groups to grow wildflowers in practically any environment. Wherever you can find spare land is a great place to toss out a Seedle and let nature take its course.

Great examples to consider include:

  • Schools (with permission)
  • Backyards
  • Classrooms
  • Vacant Lots
  • Nursing Homes
  • Churches
  • Community Service Projects
  • Earth Day Celebrations
  • Sunday School Classes
  • Sorority House Projects
  • Window Box Projects
  • Community Gardens

Packages of Seedles make great gifts for teachers, as neighbor Christmas presents, and as part of your bridesmaid gift if you’re having a green wedding or just want to add a little color and fun to the occasion.

children in classroom setting

Seedles in the Classroom

The company devotes pages to ideas for using Seedles, including ideas in the classroom and educational resources.  Not only are Seedles outstanding for attracting bees in an effort to revive dwindling bee populations across the country, but they are also amazing tools to use in the average classroom to help children to learn about pollination and the planet. Lessons can be created for children of all ages using Seedles.

Lesson Idea One – The Buzz about Bees

Create age appropriate lessons about bee populations and what they mean to the economy (for older students) and the planet for children of all ages.

Young children have minds like sponges. They soak everything up – especially if you make it a game for them. There’s no reason learning can’t be fun after all, and the Pick the Pollinator Game is a great place to begin the learning process.

If you really want to get their attention, make it real for them. Bring in a bag of Hershey’s Kisses and explain to your class the relationship between bees and chocolate. Drive the message home by asking children questions about the lesson and rewarding their attentiveness with a sweet treat at the end of class.

Lesson Idea Two – The Life of Plants

The importance of bees is not the only lesson you can learn from Seedles. While it is the original intent of the company that brought this very powerful ecological product to the marketplace, there are other important lessons that can be learned about the life cycle of plants as well – and bees do play a significant role in that.

Let the students plant Seedles, either in a classroom garden or in individual clay pots, and watch the growth of the flowers over the school year to see how quickly they grow and how easy they are to care for. It’s a fun project kids of all ages can enjoy and learn a great deal from participating in – particularly those who live in urban areas where gardens aren’t exactly abundant.

Seedles Products

There are several different options available to people interested in Seedles. While it might be tempting to purchase just one, you’re sure to want to go ahead and purchase several. These are some of the options available.

Wildflower Seedles

Sold according to the region in which you live, wildflower Seedles come in packages of 20, 50, or 100, and include a wide range of native wildflowers in a wide variety of colors. Whether you’re using them to brighten your own backyard or have grander plans in mind, this package is an excellent choice.

Wildflower Seedles Gift Packs

You can order one gift pack or four. Each gift pack contains a variety of Seedles that are sure to attract bees, butterflies, and quite a few other interested parties to the recipient’s garden. Seedles make greater teacher gifts, bridesmaid gifts, and more.

Thyme Bombs

While the name of this packet is “Thyme Bomb”, it actually offers seven different seed balls including:

  1. Organic Bouquet Dill
  2. Organic Chives
  3. Organic French Thyme
  4. Organic Genovese Basil
  5. Organic Italian Oregano
  6. Organic Moss Curled Parsley
  7. Organic Peppermint

The packet also comes with detailed instructions for growing the herb balls into your very own, personal herb garden. Keep in mind, Seedles policy is refrain from buying any seeds treated with neonicotinoids.

Classroom Superhero

Order a classroom kit for your favorite classroom! The kit will include the following:

  • 33 wildflower Seedles
  • 30 eco-friendly pots
  • Compost
  • Classroom instructions
  • Activities to keep students engaged

If you do not have a classroom in mind, but want to do a good deed for the community and the planet, Seedles will select a classroom for you.

Green is no longer a buzzword (no pun intended) to pull out in polite conversations. For many people it’s quickly becoming a way of life. Do your part by joining the I Support Green Business campaign (tweet out your support to a green business every time you purchase a green product or service).

Seedles is picking up the banner and taking action to make changes today rather than waiting for the government to take action in the distant future. We all have the opportunity to take steps in the right direction when it comes to the good of our planet. Seedles provides a great stepping stone for one and all to follow.

Planet-Friendly Alternatives to Melting Snow and Ice

snow shovel

It isn’t always easy finding the right answer to meet your needs as a modern family, following local ordinances, and doing the right thing for the planet. Many families, especially those living in areas where heavy snowfall is frequent, and where ordinances require prompt attention to and removal of said snow, feel their only option is to turn to choices for removal that aren’t exactly planet friendly.

Jet Lag Disorder


Whether traveling for the holidays, business, or simply a week-long getaway, jet lag can happen to the best of us when traveling across time zones.

20 Practical Tips for Raising Green Kids

green children

Starting When They’re Young

Adopting a greener philosophy and teaching kids the importance of reducing in a world that’s constantly clamoring for more can be quite the challenge.

Kermit the Frog once lamented, “It’s not easy bein’ green.” It’s not always easy to go against the grain and be truly green, but following these tips will help you teach your children the lessons that are so important to us all while raising them to be good stewards for the Earth.

What is Sleep Drunkenness?

At one point or another, most people have awakened from a deep sleep so quickly, that they become confused about where they are or what they have been doing. This is normal when you wake up so quickly before your brain can register the information.

The Best Memory Foam Mattress for Pressure Relief

While most people understand the need for sound support in mattresses, few understand the need for pressure relief quite the way side sleepers understand.

New Study Reveals Restful Sleep More Valuable than Longer Sleep

According to a new study, quality is more important than quantity when it comes to restful sleep. The study, exploring the relationship between insomnia and “objective assessments of sleep in the general population of older adults, reveals that seniors should focus more on quality of sleep than quantity of sleep in order to feel better rested.

Tiny Houses: Going Green by Living in Less

tiny house

Image Source: Flickr


There’s a movement that seems to be taking the nation by storm. While many people who find tiny houses appealing are interested in living greener, more sustainable lifestyles, the tiny house movement appeals to people from all walks of life with varied interests.

The Benefits of Owning and Driving Electric Cars

electric vehicle

Image Source: Flickr


While not as widely utilized as hybrid vehicles, there are plenty of advantages to driving electric cars that earth-minded families and individuals would do well to consider when making their next vehicle purchasing decision. These are just a few of the benefits that make electric cars enormously advantageous to the average household.