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Plushbeds Memorial Day Mattress Sale!

It’s that time of year again when we remember those who have served our nation so valiantly. We’re truly thankful for the brave men and women who have fought and for those that continue to fight for our country’s freedoms.

There’s no better time than Memorial Day to buy a latex mattress as well! Our very own Plushbeds Memorial Day Latex Mattress Sale is featuring $1,000 off any latex mattress of your choice, and you receive free shipping and no taxes to boot! Most retail showroom floors that are having Memorial Day mattress sales won’t provide you with such a steep discount, especially for $1,000 off, and on top of that you’ll rarely not have to pay sales taxes. If you have never slept on latex you are truly missing out, as latex is one of the most elegant sleep surfaces available. Take the opportunity during the sale to invest in your sleep and your good health.

We at Plushbeds – from our family to yours – hope you get to experience some of the things that you like to enjoy on Memorial Day. Who doesn’t love time spent with family and friends at barbecues and wonderful fun-filled gatherings, as well as those quiet and introspective moments that you’ll have visiting the graves of the ones you love that have passed on? And anybody up for a good game of horse shoes or croquet (some of my favorite lawn activities)?

So as you honor our country’s heroes, and get out and eat lots of good food and play games (or however you celebrate), just know that we’ll be here when you have a moment to check in with us on your computer via your internet connection. The wonderful thing about shopping online is that you can do it 24/7! So before, after, or in the middle of your festivities this Memorial Day weekend, remember our sale is ongoing, and at your convenience hop on to check out the beautiful latex mattresses that we take so much pride in manufacturing. We will be available via live chat to answer any questions that you may have.

A special thanks to our many wonderful customers and the kind words you have left in your reviews of our custom-made latex mattresses. We strive daily to meet your expectations for high standard workmanship and quality, restorative sleep!

Is it Time for a New Mattress Already?

Do I need a new mattress? Have you asked yourself this lately or at some point in time? This really isn’t too difficult to assess, but there are some very tell tale signs that your mattress is nearly done with. Is your mattress is north of 5 to 7 years? Is it more than 10 years old? It’s probably time for a new mattress (unless it’s natural latex). Older (traditional) mattresses tend to get lumpy, their springs bend, they become indented, or they just don’t offer the kind of support and comfort that a mattress should give a person who needs quality sleep (which is all of us). If you see any of these tell tale signs, it could be time for a new mattress. If you are waking up with aches and pains, it could either be something medical that you need to deal with or it could simply be your mattress.

If it’s time to buy a new mattress — after you have assessed some of the above points and determined that it’s indeed time — how do you choose a mattress?

If you are choosing a new mattress based upon price and look alone, stop! Reconsider, you could be in for a world of hurt (literally). Sure, price is going to figure into the equation somewhat, and the look of your mattress may be trivially important, but you should definitely base your decision more upon how the mattress feels to you and if it’s going to hold up longer than the mattress you are replacing. Of course we are biased, but we believe that mattress materials like latex and memory foam are much better solutions than almost anything out there. You’ll get a very robust warranty so you can know your mattress will outlast just about anything else you could hope for at the pricing point they run, and you’re going to get much better pressure point pain reduction. If you have convinced yourself that it’s time for a new mattress already… it might just be time to look into memory foam or latex. And you might be surprised that in the long-run they’re less expensive in terms of cost per sleep hour than the alternatives.

Do You Really Get Enough Sleep?

How would your life be different if you slept as much as you wanted to, or at least as much as your body needs? Too many of us aren’t getting enough sleep. In fact, half of us get less than we really need. The results? Lack of energy, lowered work productivity, difficulty concentrating, endangered driving, and even obesity, increased chance for diabetes, and heart problems. Did you know that a tired driver can be just as impaired as a driver under the influence of alcohol? Not getting enough sleep affects every other part of your life.

According to this holistic practitioner, the average American adult is getting about 1.5 hours less sleep than the average American adult did 100 years ago. If we truly are a sleep-deprived nation, what can we do to turn this around, and does it really matter?

First, we need to prioritize our sleep, as mentioned in this article by the National Sleep Foundation. Much like we should pay ourselves from our own paycheck before we start paying all of our creditors, we shouldn’t have sleep as a bottom-rung priority, but work things in our daily routine around our sleep schedule instead. That’s about a 180-degree turn from what we usually do (we usually go to bed after we get everything done), but it needs to happen for our bodies and our minds to be able to function optimally.

Think about what’s preventing you from getting enough sleep — a lot of the time we are so stuck with inertia that we don’t realize that we can and should improve something like this in our lives. Do you not get enough sleep because you are spending too much time watching television? Does that extra hour of TV really give you that much more satisfaction that you are not willing to sacrifice it for a better, healthier life.

When we are faced with life-changing decisions like this — whether we should make a change so we can get enough sleep, it’s often helpful to evaluate/imagine what your life could and would be like if you were to adopt the new beneficial habit. Rather than thinking, “I really should get to sleep earlier,” think instead, “My life will be different in xyz way(s) once I start getting to sleep at 8:30 pm every night.” If you think in those terms instead of thinking that you’re bad for not getting enough sleep, it’s harder for you to make the change.

Do you get enough sleep? Do you want to? Then answer to yourself right now — “If I get an extra hour or two of sleep…” and get to making it happen!

8 Hours of Sleep and 8 Glasses of Water?

Don’t you just love it when everything you thought you ever knew gets turned on its head, and the conventional knowledge on a subject isn’t the right knowledge anymore?

Take for example this sleep study that suggests that 8 hours of sleep isn’t necessary. The funny thing about it is that the subjects were exposed to darkness for 14 hours, and they slept for 8 hours in 2 four-hour increments, interrupted by a couple of hours in between. So, the article seems to contradict itself by saying that 8 hours of sleep may be unnatural, but then that the subjects of the experiments did indeed sleep for 8 hours, though not continuously.

Sticking with the 8’s (8 hours of sleep, 8 glasses of water per day), the “new” wisdom on water is that you may not need to drink that much, the recommendation of 8 glasses per day is outdated, and you get much of your water in your food. Well, don’t you think that when the recommendation was made for 8 glasses of water, that it was known that foods (especially fruits and vegetables) contained a lot of water?

I always get a kick out of new studies! I don’t have time to go to bed for 4 hours, wake up for 2 hours and mess around, and then go back to bed for another 4 hours, do you? It feels pretty natural for me to sleep for 8 straight hours, and I think I’m pretty healthy because of it. It may be an interesting study, but how practical is it?

I’ll also not be drinking any less water than I normally do. Seems like a lot of speculation to me. Most people probably don’t drink enough water as it is (and drink too much soda!), and encouraging them to drink less is not a good thing!

I guess the point here is to follow your gut instinct, and don’t be too quick to jump on new fads and bandwagons. Whether you agree or disagree with me, weigh in with your opinion on our Plushbeds Facebook Page.

Cyber Monday Latex Mattress Sale

Cyber Monday Mattress SaleIt’s Cyber Monday, the Black Friday of the online shopping world, and here at Plushbeds our mattress sales are hopping much as they were the day after Thanksgiving. We had an excellent Thanksgiving, and hope that you did as well. To help you get ready for Christmas, the last day of our Botanical Bliss latex mattress sale ends at the stroke of midnight tonight. If you didn’t have a chance to make your order on Friday or over the weekend, there is still time, but it is definitely running out. If you hurry, you can still order one of our all natural latex mattresses at the discounted price of $750 off. That’s a price point that many who couldn’t normally afford a latex mattress will now be able to. At current pricing, the rush has definitely hit us, but we’ve got enough supply to probably last us through the afternoon, but don’t wait until evening.

For those who haven’t yet heard, the Cyber Monday latex mattress sale here at Plushbeds includes not only $750 off a 100% natural latex mattress, but also 2 free pillows (while supplies last). These aren’t just scraps of leftover latex glued together to make pillows. They are high quality Talalay latex, used especially for producing a very fine pillow. And by adding an adjustable foundation to your order, the discount jumps from $750 off to $1,000 off. So, there is no doubt you are getting a really great deal at these prices. On top of those factors, your Cyber Monday order is tax-free as well as shipped to you free of charge.

And last, but not least, a newly-introduced accessory, our organic cotton latex mattress cover has been a real hit for those who have had a chance to “beta test” it and report back to us. Everyone who has had the opportunity to sleep on a latex mattress with this organic cotton cover can attest to its utility in helping the real personality and features of what a latex mattress can really do for a person. Because it is a knitted cover, and not woven, it is fully flexible in every direction and so allows the pressure relieving attributes of the latex to be able to do its job of letting it conform to the unique curvature of your body and spreading your weight out evenly. So, what are you waiting for? Our Cyber Monday mattress sale is almost over!