5 Benefits of Memory Foam

There are many reasons a person may not experience quality sleep even though they are sleeping for the right amount of time each night. It could be the individual’s lifestyle, caffeine and alcohol, medication, television before bedtime; these are all factors that play into getting a quality night’s sleep. There is something even more paramount to obtaining a quality sleep that many people look over: the mattress. A poor quality mattress can have a huge affect on the quality of your sleep, therefore it is important to understand how a memory foam mattress can give you the quality sleep you’ve been looking for. Below are 5 health benefits to owning a memory foam mattress:

1. Shock Absorbtion—The specific qualities of a memory foam mattress isolate movements and shock unlike spring mattress that spread the shock throughout the entire mattress. This allows a couple to sleep peacefully, even if one person tosses in his or her sleep at night. This makes memory foam mattress an excellent choice for couples looking to obtain a better quality of sleep.
2. Temperature Control—The unique properties of a memory foam mattress make it self-regulating when it comes to temperature. Instead of isolating body heat in ‘hot spots’ like a typical spring mattress does, a memory foam mattress spreads it out evenly staying an average of ten degrees cooler than typical spring mattresses. Studies have shown that a lower overall mattress temperature correlates to a better nights sleep.
3. Obviously one of the main reasons people pick memory foam mattresses over conventional spring mattresses is because of the superior support. With a spring mattress your body is supported at different points, creating pressure spots on the person sleeping. Memory foam mattresses avoid this by spreading the weight out evenly and contouring to the shape of your body. This gives the individual a feeling of weightlessness as the mattress cradles them in their sleep.
4. Allergies—Memory foam, unlike typical mattresses, is comprised of polyurethane foam that is hypoallergenic. This keeps dust mites—which feed off the organic cotton fibers—out of a memory foam mattress. Along with its smooth surface and ease of use to maintain and clean, memory foam mattresses provide a better alternative to those sensitive to allergens and dust.
5. Lifespan and Cost effectiveness—Typical spring mattresses have a short lifespan due to the logistics of how they work and the wear and tear on the springs. This leads to ‘holes’ or ‘dips’ in the mattress that can dramatically affect the effectiveness of the mattress. Foam mattresses operate on visco elasticity, which is able to withstand the wear and tear much more effectively than a spring mattress, saving you money in the long run.

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