The Latex Mattress Stands High Above All Other Mattress in Terms of Comfort and Support

There is one mattress that just seems to stand above all the others in terms of comfort, support, and durability, which is the latex mattress.  A mattress should last a long time without caving in and becoming compressed.  Many traditional pillow top mattresses become worn down easily, but the latex mattress is extremely durable and strong, while at the same time being very responsive and elastic.  How do latex mattresses get their elasticity?  This wonderful trait is gained by being made from a latex foam rubber, the product of sap from a rubber tree.

How does the latex mattress feel?  It feels much like memory foam if you have ever experienced that, but it is better than memory foam because it is not synthetic, nor made from petrochemicals.  If you get a natural latex mattress you can be assured that it is hypoallergenic, produces zero carbon emissions, will sleep very cool (much better than memory foam), and is much longer lasting than most other mattresses.  In fact, natural latex mattresses have elasticity that doesn’t wear down easily.  It will last a couple of decades or more without a reduction in its responsiveness.

Latex mattresses can be formed to a specific ILD, which is a measure of firmness.  This is formed by the process by which the latex is produced in the mold, either making it denser or less dense.  There are two general types of the latex foam mattress – you have the Talalay latex mattress and the Dunlop latex mattress.  Talalay is made to spread out the latex material evenly so it is softer.  Dunlop lets heavier parts of the latex settle to the bottom of the mold, thus making it more dense and firm.  Those who need more support from their mattress like to have the Dunlop, and those who want more comfort and softness prefer to have the Talalay.  Of course this is just in general, and you can if you like mix and match the two.  Let’s say for example that you want a bottom Dunlop layer for support, but the layer you want up against your body would be Talalay.  That can certainly be done.

Your latex mattress is personalized to you.  You can get an organic cotton cover on your mattress as well if you are more of a natural products person.  You can also feel good about the fact that your latex mattress will biodegrade far into the future when you are done with it and not sit in a landfill forever somewhere because it is A1 environmentally friendly.

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