Memory Foam Mattresses

Today the sleep industry is coming up with new materials and varieties. Sleep is the natural way of providing relaxation to the mind and body. The quality of the mattress determines the quality of sleep. There are several mattresses available in the market but the Memory Foam Mattresses have stood the test of time.

The discovery of Memory Foam was made in the 1970s by the NASA group to provide comfort to the astronauts in space while ascending and descending and also to lessen the rate of black out. However, NASA never used these foams in the space craft because the Memory foams released a certain amount of poisonous gases which could prove harmful in the enclosed space craft.

After they were launched in the market in the 1990s, it gave a major boom to the sleep industry as they gained a huge market. The visco-elastic foam mattresses are scientifically developed to provide cushion to the body. The Memory Foam Mattresses are made to give the body total comfort. There are several advantages of Memory foam Mattresses. One of the primary advantages of such mattresses is their sensitivity to weight.

They have the characteristics of repositioning and adjusting along body lines as one tosses and turns in the bed. This fact holds good when two people of different weights sleep together. If one tosses and turns very often while sleeping it would surely disturb the partner. But the discovery of Memory Foam Mattresses has solved this problem. Secondly, the Memory Foam Mattresses are temperature sensitive. In a warmer environment these mattresses will absorb the body heat and soften up.

Similarly, in a cooler environment it will get firmer. Thus they are also quite beneficial in the case of someone with an injury because the injured area of the body will normally be hot and the Memory Foam Mattresses will respond with extra softness at the wounded place. Another remarkable advantage of Memory Foam Mattresses is the total support that it provides.

When one lies down on such mattresses, one can feel that it adjusts to the contours of the body. The neck and spine will be held in perfect alliance, and one will be able to feel how the material is fully supporting the body from head to toe.

Thus Memory foam mattresses are recommended for people having back problems, arthritis, bone and joint problems, spondylitis. It is able to reduce pressure points and thus relieves back or neck pain. Moreover, these mattresses were in high public demand since their discovery because they were quite affordable.

The people who have used Memory Foam Mattresses are quite satisfied with the product as they provide total relaxation and comfort to the body .These foam mattresses provide cushion to the total body irrespective ofwhether a person sleeps on his back, side or stomach. The manufacturers of these mattresses have commented that sleeping on these mattresses is like sleeping on the clouds.

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