The Latex Mattress Bandwagon That Everyone Seems to be Jumping On

The latex mattress is becoming increasingly popular, even in the face of rising latex prices. It is almost as if consumers are recognizing that even though costs are being pushed up, their sleep is more of a priority because of all the pressures that are being placed upon them from every direction, including their work life, family life, and community responsibilities. Latex mattresses help a person to get true quality sleep that will get them in a brain wave state that allows true rest and rejuvenation. You will sleep longer, deeper, and more soundly with a latex mattress.

The latex foam mattress isn’t new per se. It has been around for a few decades, but is just gaining recognition in North America. But it has reached a tipping point to the extent that many mattress companies are jumping on the bandwagon so that they can reap some of the profits to be had in the industry. This can be both good and bad for the latex mattress consumer. There is more price competitiveness, but there are also some unscrupulous latex mattress dealers.

Latex foam mattresses come in different forms, natural and synthetic. Natural latex mattresses are the superior form, yet you will run into latex mattress merchants that will attempt to sell you synthetic because they can get a better markup and they hope that you wouldn’t know the difference. The other tactic that is used is they will try to sell you a “natural latex mattress” that is not very natural at all. The blended latex mattress is usually only 30 percent natural latex and 70 percent synthetic latex. This is really just a gimmick, and you won’t have the same sleeping experience with synthetic or blended latex mattresses as you will with natural latex.

To determine if you are dealing with a good latex mattress company, you should check the rating of the company with the BBB. If there are a lot of consumer complaints that are not settled justly then that is indeed a warning sign to not touch that company with a ten foot pole. To be safe, you should only do business with a latex mattress company that has a good rating with the BBB.

You can get some great deals on latex foam mattresses online. This in fact is where you will find the best deals because you don’t have to pay taxes, and in many cases you will not have to pay shipping costs either. Because these companies don’t generally have brick and mortar businesses, they are competing heartily for your business and will generally give you the most latex mattress for your money.

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