Very Cool Features of the Latex Mattress That Will Get You Rethinking Your Present Mattress

One of the really neat features of a latex mattress is that it has very little motion transfer. You may wonder what that means and/or why it is important. Motion transfer is where you or your partner moves or changes position on the bed and it is felt by the other person. This can be a real hassle on a traditional spring mattress because every little movement bounces the whole bed. But with latex mattresses you won’t be able to tell that your partner is tossing and turning or even getting into or out of bed. This makes it very nice for light sleepers that feel every little movement. Guess what? The latex mattress has also been rated very highly for Boom Chicka Boom. Yes, it is very good for natural human activities.

Other people love the natural latex mattress because they haven’t ever found a mattress that is as personalized as it is. Latex foam mattresses can indeed be created with a specific person in mind; that is, the firmness is customizable so that a person can get one that is very soft or one that is very supportive. Or anywhere in between. The ILD, a measure of firmness just needs to be specified and the mattress is created from there.

Have you ever had a mattress that just seems to make you hot? Or let’s just say you are a woman going through menopause. You need nothing else to contribute to the misery of hot flashes and night sweats. The latex mattress will be your perfect vehicle to help you in this regard because the latex mattress breathes very well, since it is both very elastic and has many tiny circulatory air holes within it. Your body heat is effectively going to be pulled away from you and be sucked into the center of the mattress.

Another great thing about the latex mattress is its strength and durability all while being very soft. Because latex foam mattresses are made from a foam rubber, it is very stretchy and can conform to your body shape time and again for 20 years or more. Every time you arise from your mattress made from latex you will see that it pops back into shape, without wearing out or compressing. The natural latex does this time and again and is so resilient. People love that their latex mattress makes it throughout the many milestones of life with them.

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