Are There Any Downsides or Disadvantages to a Latex Mattress?

There are some downsides to owning a latex mattress. But it kind of all boils down to how you look at it and your point of view. One downside is that you might end up sleeping longer and your spouse could end up thinking that you are lazy. You’ll love how the latex mattress feels so much so that you might catch yourself sleeping in on the weekends and not getting to the honey-do lists fast enough.

Another disadvantage of the latex mattress is that you might spend more on it than you would a mattress that will only last you a couple of years, but the tradeoff here is that you would have to buy several cheap mattresses in order to last you the 20 plus years that a latex mattress will last you. So how much money will you really be putting out in the long run? Maybe latex mattresses ARE less expensive.

A downside to the latex mattress is that you may not awaken as easily to noises. Because you get in a deeper sleep with the latex foam mattress, you won’t wake up to sounds like you used to. Just make sure you have a good home security system because you want to sleep more deeply and not let your spouse’s snoring waken you anyway.

If you can call it a downside, you won’t have aches and pains in the morning to help you realize you are still human. You’ll feel dynamite and energetic, instead of enjoying your morning coffee that you usually need to get your motor started. Besides, your spouse seems to always remind you of your humanness anyway.

A latex mattress can cause you to take more naps. Not because you are tired, but because you feel so comfortable on it, that you want to curl up with a book and read, but then you drift off into dreamland unexpectedly. Then you forget that you were supposed to be watching the kids and they destroy the house.

Latex mattresses can make you want to spend more money than you have and get into debt. Because you recognize the quality of a latex mattress and how good it makes you feel, your mindset will be changed to where you go into transactions thinking of quality first and foremost instead of cost. This may cause you to buy things that last much longer and are really worthwhile. Oh no, all of this because of one awesome latex mattress.

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