Curious About Memory Foam Mattresses?

Man has been making glorious achievements in almost every sphere. Technological advancements and various other undertakings cover the headlines of the daily newspapers. In fact, the consumer market is not far behind. Our ever changing needs and stiff competition amongst business rivals have led entrepreneurs manufacture products that offer us greater comfort. Whenever we speak of comfort, the first thing that comes to our mind is sound sleep. Sleep is one of the main things that help us maintain good health. Consequently, experts have devised different ways of relaxing the body muscles and nerves while we sleep. In this context, it must be said that the kind of mattress that we sleep on and the pillows that we use, are instrumental in giving us good sleep.

There has been a lot of curiosity surrounding memory foam mattresses in the last few decades. Originally developed by the expert engineers at NASA, these special mattresses hit the shore of the consumer market only in the early 90s. Memory foam mattresses were specially developed for the astronauts. Their bodies were subjected to excess stress during space flights due to the G-force. The primary function of these mattresses is to mould itself in accordance with the user’s body and make him feel excessively light; almost as light as a feather. The initial version was called the T-foam and it brought along a lot of promise with its ability to respond to the body temperature. However, it was seen that this T-foam was not very durable and cracked eventually.

Tempur-Pedic was the first company to launch memory foam mattresses in the consumer market. This company developed their own version of memory foam, known as Tempur foam. Tempur foam was used mainly for medical purposes to enable patients sleep better and get relief severe backache. This variety of mattresses was specially designed to see that they were much more durable and continued to retain the benefits of reducing decreasing } body pressure. However, what kept it afar from being put to daily use was its high price. In fact, Tempur foam has stayed away from the consumer market even to this day due to its dear price. However, it is undoubtedly the best memory foam mattress that can be found.

Other companies soon became aware of the huge benefits of memory foam mattresses and soon started manufacturing their own ones. However, beware of false advertising and cheap imitations. Make sure you read some memory foam mattress reviews first. Hailing from the consumer industry, they priced their mattresses much lower compared to Tempur-Pedic. Memory foam has garnered huge popularity with every passing year and this has led different manufacturers of mattresses to introduce their own versions of this product. However, it is pertinent to note that memory foams differ from each other in their density, hardness and softness and finally in their longevity. In spite of its benefits, a mattress made totally out of memory foam will not work because it is too soft to be supportive. It produces best results when it is used as a layer over a firm material.

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