Why Did Natural Latex Mattresses Catch on and Where Are They Headed Next?

Natural latex mattresses are not just about hype or pomp and circumstance.  They are the real thing.  Though you will pay a bit more to buy a natural latex mattress than a synthetic one or even another type of mattress, it will pay off bigtime in the benefits you reap from sleeping on it.  How might the natural latex mattress improve your sleep, you may wonder.   The first thing that you will notice sleeping on latex is that you don’t have to worry about your body’s curvature suspending parts of you above the bed.  Basically that is saying that the latex fills in those crevices that would not normally come into contact with your body.  That is a welcome relief because then you have no added pressure or weight forcing tender parts of your body, like your neck, shoulders, back, knees, etc.

A latex foam mattress has been a real highlight just the past few years in the United States as more and more people adopt it as their go-to mattress of choice.  Besides being so completely comfortable, because the latex mattress is so elastic, it lasts a very long time and is warrantied to 20 years.  This gives many consumers the go-ahead to buy one because they know it won’t soon wear out or become ineffectual.

If you have ever slept on memory foam, the experience on latex is similar, although with latex you don’t run the risk of being allergic to your mattress, and you have less chance of being too hot while you sleep.  Can you start to see now why latex is being used so much in mattresses?  This uptick in mattresses made with latex is causing the latex supply to dwindle somewhat and follow the supply-demand curve towards a pricey area, so you had better get a latex mattress sooner than later.

Another detail worth mentioning about latex mattresses is that they give way to very little transfer of motion.  Most people have experienced when their sleeping partner has caused the mattress to shift or bounce because of their tossing and turning or thrashing about.  This won’t happen with the latex foam mattress because as cushiony as it is it doesn’t allow for that motion transfer to happen.  This is a great advantage to have because the sleeping habits of one partner don’t have to affect the other.  Natural latex mattresses are a great investment, are not the least bit faddish, and there is little in the way of stopping them going forward.

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