Latex Mattress Return Policies: Find an Honest and Clearly-Stated One

Latex Mattress Return PoliciesWhen a person goes out to buy a latex mattress, besides making sure it has the best latex mattress ILD rating for them, they should also know beforehand what the latex mattress return policy is going to be. In this world there are so many uncertainties, and it is well to do your very best to make sure you are covered for such a large investment should it not meet your needs. We all would like to be less skeptical consumers, but the best approach is actually make sure that you do have a heartbeat (i.e. a little skepticism and cautiousness). Latex mattress return policies vary a great deal from one latex mattress company to the next.

Some latex mattress companies will tell you that their latex mattress return policy is upwards of 4 months (120 days), but will they actually take it back from you if you are not totally satisfied with it? It is likely that they will, but often will make you jump through hoops to actually get any money back successfully. Please be certain to read the fine print of the return policy as carefully as you can, and ask any questions that you have about it before entering into a transaction for a latex mattress. Nobody likes to be had, or feel taken advantage of, and most times you can avoid and prevent that feeling if you just do a little bit of homework beforehand. Below are some of the commonly-faced things to be aware of in regards to latex mattress return policies. In reading through them you will become more educated in how to buy a latex mattress so you get what you think you are getting and with no hidden terms.

An unfortunate thing in the latex mattress return policy world is that you may be told that your latex mattress can be returned within a fair period of time (you really shouldn’t buy a latex mattress unless there is some kind of a sleep trial in place), but you aren’t told in advance of your purchase how it is you do the actual returning of the latex mattress. Are you responsible for the shipping? How do you get the hefty mattress packaged and returned? Who pays the shipping charges, you or they? These are all-too-often overlooked details that need to be understood before buying a latex mattress. Be aware that many companies are just very vague on their return policies, and if you can’t get it in writing from them, you ought to go elsewhere with your business.

Did you know that if you end up being the one responsible for the return of the latex mattress back to the company you bought it from (should you be unhappy with the feel of it or some other reason) it is going to cost you between $300 to $475 to ship it across the country back to them? If this is the case, you got the shaft! We at Plushbeds will come right and tell you and give it to you in writing what your responsibility is if you should not want to keep your latex mattress after the 90 day sleep trial. It’s a $99 flat fee for shipping. That’s probably the best deal in the industry. We are the ones at most risk here, not you! Not only would we have to eat the cost of the latex mattress because it is now used and not resalable as new, but you don’t spend a fortune on shipping it back. has got your back in more ways than one.

One more doozy that faces some customers trying to get their latex mattress return policy to be honored at less scrupulous mattress companies is that they don’t know it, but the company has declared that they would only take it back at their discretion, meaning that they could find any benign detail with the mattress that they deem to make the mattress not in the best condition and proclaim that it is not in good enough shape for them to accept back, or that you would have to then pay a hefty restocking fee or penalty, plus the shipping costs! This is a devious and underhanded method of basically showing you that they have little integrity and are only looking out for their interests, not yours. So to boil it all down for you in plain terms with latex mattress return policies: be safe, not sorry! Know before you owe!

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