What is the Best Mattress?

What's the Best Mattress?Many people want to know the answer to the question, “What is the best mattress?” I could come right out and tell you what my opinion is on this matter, but instead first let me go through some of the reasons that would lead someone to want to know what the best mattress is, and then it will be easier to determine if one mattress is indeed better for you according to your needs.

Why does a person decide to get a new mattress in the first place? They may be asking the question because theirs is older, and they want to know – When should I buy a new mattress? – or it may be that the mattress that they currently have just doesn’t meet their needs. A lot of people start searching for a new mattress because they develop some type of health condition that makes it uncomfortable for them to continue sleeping on their current mattress (such as an innerspring mattress). It may be that they have worsening back pain that their mattress seems to aggravate, it may be that they develop a case of insomnia and they want to know if changing out their mattress could be a help or a solution, or it may be that they just feel like their ability to have something nicer because they can afford it now is the major factor. Let’s explore some of these reasons that a person would lead a person or a couple to investigate what the best mattress out there really is for them.

If a person wants a new mattress because they have some very active trigger points and they are searching for a little back pain relief, there are a few very good alternatives to choose from among. Either a natural latex mattress, memory foam mattress, or even an air mattress (not the kind you go camping with!) would be a good idea in this case. The latex mattress is great because you can choose your ILD according to how your back pain responds to firmness. Need something firmer, or something softer? Back pain can be further exacerbated because of too much support and firmness or not enough (too soft). Check out the latex mattress ILD rating post for a fuller discussion on how these numbers work. Memory foam mattresses are much like latex mattresses in that they form to the contours of a person’s body, but body heat will affect the firmness of a memory foam mattress to the extent that in the morning your memory foam mattress may be less firm than it started out. So just be aware of that fact and plan accordingly when deciding upon a memory foam mattress and its firmness level for your needs. An air mattress is a pretty cool invention, because now you can vary the firmness any time you should choose to! Your body is dynamic, and so too can your mattress be. Your “sleep number” (the way the firmness levels are specified with this kind of technology) can be changed as often as you like. And your partner’s sleep by number doesn’t have to be the same because the air chambers are separate on each side of the bed.

Some people find that when they change out part of their routine or something simple like their mattress, they can greatly reduce their insomnia. I’m no doctor, but it is true that people have changed their mattress and that has been the thing that has done the trick for them to help them to sleep better. It’s no wonder for at least a couple of reasons – the mattress they have they may be allergic to and not even realize it, or their mattress isn’t comfortable enough to get them to have the alpha waves to lull them into the sleep state (Are you a Princess and the Pea? This could be your problem.). Natural latex mattresses are hypoallergenic. Memory foam mattresses are made of petrochemicals, so they don’t share the same chemistry as natural latex. They at least have the potential to cause an allergic reaction.

If you are finding that you can now “afford” a nicer, better quality mattress, any one of the mattresses discussed above (air, latex, or memory foam) could be the best choice for you. In this case it would just depend upon personal taste and style. All of these mattresses have great properties to them. They can all have 20 year warranties on them too, making them a very attractive long-term investment. The best thing to do is go to a showroom floor, test out the various styles to get an idea of what feels best to you, and then order of the internet (from Plushbeds, of course) for a much better deal!

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