July 4th Mattress Sale!

July 4th Mattress SalePlushbeds.com runs several sales throughout the year for our premium Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress line of products. Among our seasonal sales is our Labor Day mattress sale, our Memorial Day mattress sale, of course the Black Friday and Cyber Thursday mattress sales, and several other smaller sales that we put on throughout the year. These are perfect times to save from $500 up to $1,000 on an all natural latex mattress! If you have been asking yourself, “When should I buy a new mattress?” or “What is the best mattress?” you’ve just hit pay dirt! If you are asking these questions, the answer is probably NOW and the botanical latex mattress, respectively.

Everybody loves a sale, and especially one on a higher-ticket item like a mattress. One of the strongest reasons that someone would be interested in our July 4th mattress sale is not only for the slashes in our already modest pricing, but because our latex mattresses offer some real advantages and benefits over and beyond what you can find in conventional mattresses. Each of our natural latex mattresses are dust mite resistant, antimicrobial and antifungal, and hypoallergenic. For those of you environmentally-friendly consumers, note that our botanical latex mattress collection, the Botanical Bliss line, are all mattresses that are completely biodegradable and are zero carbon emission.

During our Fourth of July mattress sale, enjoy totally free shipping, and of course no taxes! And if you’re almost sold on buying a latex foam mattress, but still sitting on the fence, please look at what other customers have to say about their latex mattress purchase from Plushbeds.com. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and satisfaction. Nearly 98% percent of our customers are very satisfied with their latex mattress purchase and would recommend our mattresses to a friend.

Every one of our Plushbeds latex mattresses come with a risk-free 100-night Sleep Trial that if for any reason your mattress is not a fit for you or you are not 100% satisfied you can return it for a meager $99 flat latex mattress return policy fee (go compare that to elsewhere – you may be have to pay up to $500 return shipping if you don’t carefully read their fine print. We reveal everything up front!). In addition, check out our warranty, it is the bedding industry’s most robust warranty!

Please take advantage of our July 4 latex mattress sale – you might not know this about latex, but pure 100% natural Sri-Lankan latex is a rarity in the industry, and because of that the prices always adjust dramatically upward for us sometimes without being forewarned! Be a part of our 4th of July mattress sale from now until end-of-day July fourth!

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