Mattresses That Don’t Sag

mattresses that don't sagOver time a lot of mattresses sag. That’s just the nature of the beast. But does it have to be? Do all mattresses have to sag? And why do mattresses sag? Well, let’s address these questions one at a time. Do all mattresses have to end up with sag? The answer to that is a resounding NO! You probably are used to mattresses that sag, which may be the reason why you end up asking, “When should I buy a new mattress?” after only just a few years. You should know that this doesn’t have to be a normal and routine question among mattress owners. In fact, latex mattress owners rarely have to ask themselves this question, the reason being is that they started out with the question, “What’s the best mattress?” and went successfully forward from there.

Many mattresses do sag; that is the plain and straightforward truth. Truthfully, most mattresses do. The reason is because most of them are made of soft material that doesn’t “recover” (or metal springs that get crunched). Recovery, or to put it in more plain terms, bounce-back, is not present in most mattresses. Sure, most mattresses when they are new do have some level of recovery for a time. But after a while their lack of resistance comes into play more and more, as the weight of the human body packs down the foam material inside the mattress. The mattress stuffing starts to spread out little by little with each new “lay” on the bed. Then the mattress may not only get an impression and sag, but it may also start to form lumps where the stuffing has spread outwards to. You start to sleep on different parts of the mattress, but instead of getting away from the sag, you chase around the foam from one part of the mattress to another, causing it to get lumpier as the material congregates into small (or large) annoying masses.

Not all mattresses have to sag – at least not the mattresses that are made not to sag from the get-go. Natural latex mattresses have great reputations as mattresses that don’t sag. The reason latex mattresses don’t sag is because they are made of rubber. That’s right, natural rubber foam that comes from the sap of a tree. This is the perfect material for a mattress because it rebounds each and every time after pressure is placed upon it and then removed. And what is even more wonderful is that you don’t need to flip the latex foam mattress like is recommended with other mattresses. It is just not a requirement because it is such a naturally elastic, spring-back material. Further, another one of the benefits of a latex mattress is that because it has tiny pin-sized holes distributed throughout the core of it evenly, it is self-ventilating and won’t cause you to overheat while you sleep on it. So, not only are latex mattresses mattresses that don’t sag, they also won’t make you sweat. Throw that in with zero motion transfer (you won’t feel your partner get in and out of bed or even toss and turn), and you have a real winner!

Now, once you know that a latex mattress is one of the few mattresses that don’t sag, all you need to do now is find out how to buy a latex mattress, since there can be some pitfalls along the way if you aren’t careful.

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