How to Get Rid of an Old Mattress

how to get rid of an old mattressYou’ve had your old mattress now for the last 10 years, and it has been on your bucket list to get rid of it, but you are only finally now getting around to discarding it for a new one.  Only problem is, how are you supposed to get rid of something like an old mattress?  Mattresses are big and bulky, and are not the easiest things to just “throw away.”  In fact, you will probably get fined anywhere between $50 to $500 if you put your mattress out curbside and just expect that it will be taken care of by your city!  There are a few things you can do to properly get rid of your old mattress.

Often the company that sells you your new mattress will also provide the free service (or for a nominal fee) of taking your old mattress and discarding it for you. In absence of that possibility, try the following ideas:

One of the first things that we like to think of since we consider ourselves a little “greener” than most is the online service  Freecycle is a community of folks like yourself that network via internet to give and get things that are used so as not to be wasteful.  You can sign up at and become a part of a community that is environmentally-friendly and that help the Earth while helping each other!

If you can’t get anybody to take your old sagging mattress, or it is just too sickly for you to try to give away unembarrassed, the next thing you might think of is to wait until your city’s spring cleanup, where often you will be given a free one-use pass to the city dump.  This is all in an effort to beautify and maintain the cleanliness of the neighborhoods and environment in the city, and is an excellent thing to take advantage of to get rid of a mattress that is old and worn.

If you can’t wait for the free pass to the dump, and you can’t get the mattress there by yourself anyway, the next thing you should do is to call your city waste management.  Often your city will be able to schedule a pickup for you, and you may only have to pay a token fee of $20 or so for them to do it for you.  It should save you the trouble of having to find transportation yourself to get it to the city dump, the gas money, and the hernia from the heavy lifting.

If all of the above fail, go ahead and try to call your city’s fire department.  Tell them that your mattress is caught up in a tree – no, actually, kindly ask them if they need anything that causes a lot of ugly, black smoke to burn for training their firemen.  They might take you up on it!

And now that you’ve learned how to get rid of an old mattress, it’s time you quit having to dump so many mattresses and get one that will possibly outlast you. Try a Plushbeds latex mattress for the ultimate in comfort and support. And when you are finally done with it a few decades from now, it’s biodegradable!

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