How Much Does a Latex Mattress Cost?

how much does a latex mattress costHow much does a latex mattress cost? The question should be: How much does a good latex mattress cost? The pricing really depends upon several factors as to what you will end up paying for a latex mattress. One of the first things that you will need to consider is if the mattress you really want is an all natural latex mattress, or will synthetic latex be enough to meet your expectations? For some people, “going green” isn’t so much of a priority, so they go the route of the synthetic latex material and are fine with that, believing and feeling that the latex experience will be good enough. And that is just dandy for them. Others demand and expect a 100% natural latex mattress (and keep in mind there is certainly a distinction between the 100% natural latex mattress and the 100% latex mattress!) not only because of the comfort they get from it, but because of the durability. Natural latex mattresses have an elasticity that is unparalleled. That is why they have such good warranties on them. Besides that, they ventilate your body heat better so you don’t overheat.

Natural latex mattresses last an awful long time (beyond 20 years), which is one of the reasons they cost more, but it is also because of the equipment used to form and make an all natural latex mattress core. The molds can be north of $10,000! Then with the Talalay latex mattress procedure there are extra steps to be taken to equally distribute the latex particles and even out the air bubbles so it is less dense and an overall softer mattress. Dunlop mattresses by comparison are much denser and take less effort to make, thus the cost factor is less of an issue. We’re talking hundreds of dollars less. So – how much you will pay for a good quality latex mattress at just the right comfort level (the right mixture of Talalay and Dunlop layering) can in general be answered by – up to $2,000 or more. Some online retailers, like Plushbeds of course, can get you a top quality natural latex mattress for just under that because we buy in bulk and we have less of the brick-and-mortar overhead that you would expect from a walk-in establishment. Of course you should note that you will pay less than the $2,000 mentioned above for a 6-inch latex mattress, and a little bit more for a 9-inch natural latex mattress.

When shopping around to buy a latex mattress you really need to make sure that you aren’t just comparing latex mattress cost. Certainly you would want the best latex mattress at the best possible price. But you just need to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. A good guide for this can be found at, where they talk about the points to go by when comparing latex mattress brands and offerings. How much does a latex mattress cost? Well, it really depends, but anything less than $1,000 is probably not good quality material and anything north of $5,000 is probably a ripoff!

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