Does a Latex Mattress Sleep Hot?

does a latex mattress sleep hotMany people in the market for a new mattress have had experience where they have been too hot sleeping on their previous mattress and want to know in particular – Does a latex mattress sleep hot? I could just come out and say no, that latex mattresses don’t sleep hot, but let me be more explanatory by outlining why latex mattresses generally sleep a lot cooler than other mattresses like a pillow top mattress, memory foam, or other bedding materials used on mattresses.

Let me first clarify that “real latex mattresses,” or in other words natural latex mattresses, don’t sleep hot, while other synthetic latex mattresses may sleep too hot for an individual’s liking. The feature within a natural latex mattress that makes it sleep cooler is the thousands of tiny holes (from air bubbles) that are created in the frothing process that are then “baked in” during the vulcanizing process (where it is heated up quickly and then frozen). This produces a system wherein the heat from a person’s body doesn’t get trapped against them, but rather is ventilated and makes its way into the mattress and dissipates or escapes. The sleeper doesn’t have the unfortunate outcome where the heat has nowhere to escape to while they continue to get warmer and warmer. The open-ended cell structure of a natural latex mattress is a godsend to those seeking relief from an already warmer body temperature or for people who experience night sweats (such as women in menopause).

Hopefully you can now understand better why latex mattresses are a choice sleeping surface and the mechanism behind why they sleep a lot cooler than competing mattresses. Keep in mind, too, another of the extra wonderful latex mattress benefits (providing that it is made of natural latex) is that it doesn’t require flipping and it is a mattress that doesn’t sag, either. You will love the comfort that you feel all seasons of the year as you sleep at a very consistent temperature on a natural latex mattress!

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