What’s the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

what is the best mattress for back painFor many people asking the question, “What’s the best mattress for back pain?” they wish there were a cut-and-dried answer for them so they wouldn’t have to fret over whether or not a specific mattress type was the best mattress for them.  Not only does the back pain sufferer want back pain relief, but they also would like, if at all possible, a straightforward answer to this question that doesn’t seem like a hard one from the outset to get answered.  Yet, it is.  And the reason why it’s hard to answer is because there are so many variables.  There are some general guidelines though as to what will help a bad back, and the consensus seems to be that the mattress should have enough firmness to it.  That isn’t to say that it would help you to sleep on cement – that’s going a little bit too far.  But, with the right combination of support and comfort, this may be just the ticket for helping not to aggravate back pain, and further to actually possibly help alleviate some of it.  The challenge is to get the right combination of comfort and support!

Chiropractors get asked all the time, “What is the best mattress for back pain?”  Their response?  While not all chiropractors respond the same way, there are a goodly portion of them that recommend the latex mattress.  The natural latex mattress has some really great features that give it the advantage over conventional mattresses or even some of the expensive ones with more bells and whistles.  One of the nicest aspects of this type of foam mattress is that it provides some great support and softness by combining the two latex types, Talalay and Dunlop, in layers to the latex mattress ILD rating specified by the customer.  That is to say that the customer (back pain sufferer) by experience should know generally what is better on their back (a slant towards firmness or a slant towards something softer).  The ILD rating will help them to choose this, and they can have a lower layer of Dunlop with the upper portion being Talalay latex mattress (softer) material.  Or even all Dunlop (firmer and denser) if they so choose.

Another one of the perks of buying a latex mattress as a back pain sufferer is that most merchants recognize the variability and individuality in regards to how the consumer will experience the mattress.  That is why with the best latex mattress companies you will get a trial period wherein you have the opportunity to test the mattress to see that it fits your expectations and comfort level.  There is a very gracious latex mattress return policy at Plushbeds.com, where you pay a flat $99 return fee.  Other companies charge much, much more to have it shipped back to them, and sometimes their return policies are extremely vague.  If at first, though, you don’t seem to get the back pain relief that you were seeking, it can be as simple a matter of just switching out a layer.  This is a very simple fix and even cheaper alternative.  The main thing is to make sure that your back loves your mattress, and the natural latex mattress is one of the best mattresses for back pain because as it evenly distributes your weight across its surface you are also gently cradled by it, it also provides relief to those pressure points your chiropractor talks about.  So, give a natural latex mattress a try today (100 day trial period), and see just how awesome these mattresses can be as some of the best mattresses in the world for back pain!

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