Classification of a Latex Mattress: The Problem of Choice

The Latex Mattress Choice

In fact, the choice of a latex mattress among all mattresses is a superb one. It is undoubted that the latex mattress is the most popular and the most quality of them all. Nevertheless, it is true to say that not all mattresses made of latex are of the same type and quality. Latex mattresses can be of different types; they also can be made of different materials.Here goes a few noticeable differences for you to consider when choosing the best type of mattress for yourself.

What the Latex Mattress is Made From

Let’s discuss the material which is called latex. In fact, latex is a byproduct of polymer micro particles emulsion, and it is extracted from the rubber tree sap. Did you know that there are also other saps in orange and yellow colors which are excreted from some other plants? So you can see that the natural latex can be also classified into different types.

The Types of Latex for the Latex Mattress

Now, we will dwell upon different types of latex. Latex can be of two types: synthetic latex and natural latex. Both these types are used to produce mattresses.
In talking about the natural latex foam, it would be right to say that it does not include harmful chemicals in any form. On the other hand, the synthetic latex consists of just chemical components. Mattresses of a good quality are made of a hundred percent natural latex. That is why natural latex mattresses are comparatively more expensive than synthetic latex or syntex.

The Argument of a Synthetic (Syntex) Latex Mattress

No matter that the manufacturing companies producing synthetic or syntex latex claim that it is more durable than the 100% natural latex, it is not. On the other hand the mattress experts dispute this claim. They have found out that the 100% natural latex foam is definitely more durable than the synthetic ones because of its natural components.

The Synthetic Latex Mattress is Just Cheaper

Predominantly, the only major advantage of a synthetic latex mattress is that the syntex foam mattress is less expensive. In other words, syntex is more affordable than the natural ones.  But, if you are looking for mattress that will have health benefits you should be ready to pay more, because only natural foam mattresses are hypoallergenic. And even more, natural latex mattresses have many health benefits. First of all they are safe for your skin, less prone to formation of mold. The next pro is that the natural foams are also resistant to bacteria and dust mites.

Talalay and Dunlop Latex Mattress Types

Let’s discuss the different types of latex mattresses. Latex mattresses can be of two types: dunlop and talalay Latex. As a matter of fact these two types of latex differs in their manufacturing process. The Talalay process is one of the most technically sophisticated processes of manufacturing mattresses. Indeed, during this process the mold of the foam is first filled with the mixture of latex, then it is put right into another process called vacuum. Lastly, a freezing method is applied on it, which makes the mattress more durable and stable. And because the process is so complicated the cost of such mattresses grows. Usually in the production of latex mattresses the Dunlop process is much used. In fact this process is very much similar to the Talalay one, but it is less complicated. In a result of Dunlop process the mattresses have firmer bottom.  So there you go — in a nutshell that is the latex mattress and the wonderful dilemma of a hard choice.
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