Is Talalay Latex Natural?

is Talalay latex naturalIs Talalay latex natural… is an interesting question. I guess the real answer to that is that it can be. Actually, although the question crops up from time to time it might be hard to remember, so here’s a little refresher – a Talalay latex mattress and a Dunlop latex mattress differ not necessarily because of the fact that one or the other is made from natural latex or not, but because of the process by which each is made. So in answer to whether or not Talalay latex is natural, it depends on whether the latex is 100% natural that is put into the mold that is used with the Talalay Method. Is that clear as mud?

A Talalay latex mattress is named as such because of the process by which it undergoes to get the end product. The latex that is put into the mold can either be of a synthetic or a natural variety. So there are definitely natural Talalay latex mattresses, and then there are certainly synthetic Talalay latex mattresses as well. The same can be said for Dunlop latex mattresses. And if you aren’t quite sure what exactly distinguishes a Talalay latex mattress from a Dunlop latex mattress, or aren’t sure which one is the best latex mattress, rest assured that you aren’t alone, so I will briefly explain it here. Talalay is generally softer latex because the Talalay process makes the latex material spread out more evenly and the little bubbles that are trapped inside make it better aerated. On the other hand, because the Dunlop process doesn’t flash-freeze the latex in place, there is a settling that takes place of the heavier latex particles, causing it to be a firmer, denser mattress overall. One isn’t necessarily better than the other any more than ice cream is better than cake. It’s a matter of preference. That being said, many people when ordering their Plushbeds natural latex mattress (yes, our Talalay and Dunlop mattresses are natural latex) choose to have a top layer of Talalay latex with a bottom layer the firmer Dunlop material for support. Talalay is cushy and soft, and Dunlop helps them not to sink in to their mattress.

There is a big difference between natural latex and synthetic latex. We just posted some information on where natural latex comes from, which is an interesting read. Just know that many mattress stores will tell you that they sell a latex mattress that is 100% latex, which is not saying much at all. Ask them if it is 100% natural latex because that is what makes the difference – night and day, to be sure. Your natural latex mattress will last longer, won’t sag, and will have much better “response” (it’s way more elastic). Try a Plushbeds 100% all natural latex mattress today, you haven’t much to risk because we have a very generous latex mattress return policy.

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