Latex Foam Mattresses: They’re too Darn Reliable!

I can’t remember the source of this (paraphrased) quote, but it has been said that in order to make a lot of money you should produce something that nobody has, that everybody wants, that gets used up, and then market it like crazy (or something to that effect!). You’ll make a tidy bundle because your product will be in high demand and since it’s a consumable, people will buy it over and over again. That’s kind of the idea behind residual income, right?

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) latex foam mattresses don’t fit the bill for the above scenario of making a bundle of money consistently or any kind of residual income. If a latex foam mattress dealer was to depend solely upon getting repeat customers he or she would become broke quickly because a person only needs so many mattresses in a house at one time, and they’d like to not have to keep buying them repeatedly! Instead a marketer of latex foam mattresses has a different recipe for success, which is to produce the best possible latex mattress, slap on a lengthy warranty, give the customer a sufficient sleep trial, and differentiate himself from the competing latex mattress vendors as much as possible.

The fortunate part of the latex foam mattress life cycle is that the customer is the one who benefits the most from the deal. There is no maintenance (other than not abusing your mattress), and if you buy one of the right latex foam mattresses, a 100% natural latex mattress, you will get decades of use out of it. These mattresses are about the most reliable available on the market. Think about it, what better material could be utilized for a mattress than natural foam rubber? The shortfall of most mattresses is that they wear out too quickly, they sag or bottom out, they get lumpy, or what have you. A latex foam rubber mattress, on the other hand, is a superior mattress because it has flexibility, amazing elasticity, and it breathes well, all providing for excellent durability. The springiness of a latex mattress, the no-motion transfer, and especially the great combination of softness and support, are reasons that give credence to latex foam being a superior sleep surface.

You can see that the approach to selling latex foam mattresses is a lot different than selling something that is consumable, hoping the customer will just keep coming back for more. There must be a high standard of quality as well as service. That’s the Plushbeds formula for success. We can’t rely on selling an infinite number of mattresses to the same customer, but instead go above and beyond by focusing on relationships and getting referrals from happy customers as well as putting our good name and reputation out in front of as many interested potential buyers as possible. Give a Plushbeds latex foam mattress a try today; they last forever (almost)!

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