How Good Are Latex Mattresses?

how good are latex mattressesToday I want to speak on the subject of how good are latex mattresses, so turn up your speakers. Actually this is a query that gets a bit of traffic so I thought that I would spend some time on it giving it my own slant (because it’s kind of a funny, broad question with some biases), but you won’t actually have to turn your speakers up because there is no sound, just the typing of my keystrokes that you won’t hear anyway.

In attempting to answer the question that is the title of this blog post, I will focus my comments on some of the reasons I personally think latex mattresses are good. I can’t speak for all latex mattresses generally, but I can say that Plushbeds latex mattresses are very fine mattresses (yep, they’re good) because of how comfortable they are. Our botanical latex mattress is customizable for comfort, and you can tailor your selection to what level of firmness you choose. Whichever firmness you choose you can put a number on it (almost like an air mattress), which is called the ILD rating. An ILD rating, or number, can help you to identify how firm or how soft you want the mattress to be, as discussed in a recent post we had on that subject.

Once in a while we get customers who don’t know for certain really what firmness level they want because they have never really had to think about it before or have never had a mattress that gave them that option. We think one of the reasons why Plushbeds’ latex mattresses are good is because you can choose your firmness for your own unique preferences. Now, once in a while, if someone hasn’t thought about it or ever had the option before, they could possibly miss the mark and pick a firmness that doesn’t really gel with them. That’s not an issue, because another thing that we think makes our latex mattresses good is that the layers aren’t glued together, and you have the option of switching out a layer, which is normally really all it takes to solve an incompatibility with your firmness selection. It’s a really simple process that is covered in our Sleep Tight Guarantee.

An additional reason we think our latex mattresses are great is because they are all natural. Because they are made from natural latex that comes from Sri-Lanka, our mattresses are hypoallergenic. That’s right, your sleep surface won’t cause you respiratory problems or cause your skin to become irritated. Not only that, but you won’t be bothered by the off gassing that comes from a polyurethane product made from petrochemicals.

Would you like to know the #1 reason why we (and our customers) think we have the best latex mattress? We think our latex mattress is one of the best if not the best latex mattress because we inspect them all for purity, uniformity, quality, consistency, and of course throw in excellent customer service to round it all off. The results that you get from this list of attributes is that you will get a very fine mattress for a very reasonable price, and one that will last for decades because it is made of such durable material. We think you are going to love Plushbed’s latex mattresses and think that they are the best!

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