Latex Mattress Comfort

latex mattress comfortThere is a lot to be said about latex mattress comfort. One of the best reasons for buying a new mattress is so you can get one that is more comfortable than the last one, right? Latex mattresses have a wonderful reputation for being mattresses of excellent comfort for the following reasons.

First off, a natural latex mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses because of the wonderful elasticity within the foam rubber tapped from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. The sap from this rubber tree is vulcanized (flash frozen) to make a wonderfully responsive mattress that will not just bury your body within it, but instead give a little bit of “kickback” or springiness for optimal support. After all, it’s rubber, what less would you expect? At the same time of providing you with ample support, your latex mattress will also be soft and soothing. You get the best of both worlds in tandem. You may decide to have a bottom layer of Dunlop latex and your top layer be a Talalay latex mattress, which many people do just that so they don’t get a mattress that is either too soft or too firm.

Latex mattresses are also tops in the comfort department because if you aren’t use to memory foam or don’t quite like the feel of them, you will have a much more natural cradling of your body with natural latex. Not all foam mattresses are alike, and you will be able to tell an immediate difference between latex and memory foam with a first test of both of them.

Another reason you may opt to go with a latex mattress for ultimate comfort is because you can pretty much sleep in any position on one without feeling like the mattress needs to be adjusted or managed differently. Some mattresses are better for certain sleeping positions, but latex mattresses are quite compatible to all of the sleeping positions.
What makes the best latex mattress for you, the one that is the most comfortable, is what we offer here at Plushbeds; that is, you get to choose a firmness (an ILD rating) that fits you best. It’s a customized mattress, one that you will cherish for decades because of its individuality.

One last thing that we ought to mention is that a latex mattress is so comfortable because of its unique ability to circulate air. You will appreciate this especially in the summertime as the tiny pin-sized holes pull the heat away from your body and allow you to sleep very coolly. Calm, cool, supportive, softness, these are all what make a latex mattress so comfortable!

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