Mattresses That Don’t Transfer Motion

mattresses that don't transfer motionWhich are the mattresses that don’t transfer motion? You do have a few options when it comes to the mattresses that don’t transfer motion. Certainly you won’t find that in an innerspring mattress. They are the worst offenders. Most people who sleep with a partner know how annoying it can be to be jarred awake because of the unsuspected movements and adjustments from the other person in the bed. But some foam mattresses can help you to eliminate that surprise altogether.

Memory foam mattresses are some great ones for mattresses that don’t transfer motion. Put your hand down firmly on a memory foam mattress, and you will make a distinct impression. Imagine how that same characteristic that makes an impression where you put your hand will not allow the motion to be spread from one part of the mattress to the next. It’s just too dense and solid.

Latex mattresses are also among the wonderfully comfortable mattresses that also have zero motion transfer. Natural latex is a fabulous material that won’t send shock waves from one partner to the next. Both the memory foam and the latex foam mattresses have solid cores, which makes for very little “ripple effect” if you were to picture movement in them like a rock hitting water. Because the foam they are made from is very dense and just the right combination of softness and firmness, you get some “play” in these mattresses that stabilizes them and gives them kind of like a shock absorber attribute.

So the next time you want to sleep in, consider in advance getting a latex foam mattress, or a memory foam mattress, two of the best mattresses to avoid motion transfer from your sleeping partner. Whether it be from your partner coming to bed at a later time than you, getting up earlier than you do, or just sleeping alongside someone that flails around a lot and is restless, it’s always best to remain in your deep sleep state. Once you wake up, you may have to go to the bathroom or if you are shocked out of your sleep your mind starts getting too busy and it is hard to slow it back down again enough for you to get the z’s again. Sweet dreams, especially with a Plushbeds latex mattress!

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