Labor Day Mattress Sale

Labor Day Mattress SaleIt may be a little bit of an enigma why a Labor Day Mattress Sale is such an important event. It is clear and apparent that we and other mattress vendors get a lot more business on Labor Day, and is just a hoppin’ at this time of year for mattress sales! We’re not quite sure why Labor Day gets people in the mood to buy mattresses in droves, but we’re surely not complaining. We love the anticipation and preparation of a Labor Day Mattress Sale. Some of the sales that are our best fall on Labor Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, President’s Day, and of course Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If we were to take a shot at why Labor Day mattress sales (or Memorial Day or President’s Day for that matter) was such a significant days for sales, our best guess is that it’s because the media and retailers have by default somewhat “assigned” these days as sales for mattresses but also for other goods.

It’s no secret that many companies in general operate in the red until Black Friday. Around the holidays many companies offer great sales to attract people to buy whatever they are selling. But heck, why wait until then? That’s our guess as to why a Labor Day Mattress Sale (and other Labor Day sales) is so popular. Haven’t you seen that the retail Christmas season creeps up earlier in the calendar each and every year? Shoot, isn’t it just a little bit subliminal that Christmas music starts playing not the day after Thanksgiving now, but the day after Halloween? It’s probably the same rationale that is used for the Labor Day mattress sale – people love holidays, and this is one of those holidays that isn’t marked necessarily by staying indoors as a family, but rather one that people get out and about participating in various activities, so why shouldn’t the retail outlets “claim” it as their day and make a big to-do about it by offering sales to get them closer to being in the black before end of year?

Okay, so enough about the reasoning for the Labor Day Mattress Sale, and onto why a Plushbeds Labor Day Mattress Sale is so great. First, I’m sure most people realize that they can get an item online for cheaper than they can in a retail store. It’s a no-brainer. Stuff is cheaper online for a few reasons, and our mattresses sure factor into these reasons: overhead costs aren’t factored in to your item nearly as much as they would be for a brick and mortar establishment. Most online sales are also minus the taxes as well. These are the top two reasons why people decide to buy online. offers up to $1,000 of on our latex mattresses for our Labor Day Sale, and not only will you not pay taxes, but you will also get free shipping. For our Labor Day Mattress Sale you will also get two free Talalaly latex pillows. And don’t forget to check out our sales on our Plush Number Air Mattresses. These beauties are made in American (not China!), and we are proud to introduce them to you and believe that they are 10 times better than the competition’s. Come find out why on our Plushbeds Labor Day Mattress Sale!

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