There are a Variety of “Latex Mattresses” in the Market Place

When you first start shopping for a latex mattress, unless you have done your homework in advance, you may think that all latex is the same and that a latex mattress is a latex mattress is a latex mattress. Not so. In fact, there are a variety of latex mattresses that are sold, many which make the claim to be 100% latex. You may also be 100% American, but that might not tell the whole story – there could be some German in your ancestry, some Norwegian, etc., etc. You get the idea. Now if the claim is that a dealer is selling a 100% natural latex mattress, well, now that’s different.

Most latex mattresses sold in the market place today in order not to scare off a potential customer are priced as closely as possible to traditional mattresses. Also, the markup can be higher with a regular “100% latex mattress” than is possible with a 100% natural latex mattress. So often the latex mattress for sale that is displayed on the showroom floor of a mattress retailer is either a synthetic latex mattress through and through (it’s still a 100% latex mattress, they just don’t always point out it is made from 100% synthetic latex) or a blended latex mattress, which is usually anywhere between 60 to 70% synthetic latex material and 30 to 40% natural latex. If that is what you want and you don’t mind a synthesized latex mattress experience, that’s okay, just be aware of what is being represented and what the salesperson is trying to sell you and at what price.

A latex mattress that is made from all natural latex material is usually priced significantly higher because of the quality and the labor used to produce it. The natural latex is tapped from a rubber tree and gathered to be placed into a mold, creating either a Dunlop or a Talalay latex mattress (a denser or softer latex mattress, respectively). What you get with a natural latex mattress is a bed that is highly elastic and more durable. It will generally last much longer because it can expand and contract easily without wearing out. You also get a bed that is hypoallergenic and that is more resistant to mold and it won’t off gas like foam mattresses created with petrochemicals.

Latex mattresses are not only comfortable, but they have a very solid core, which helps them to stave off bed bugs and dust mites more easily. But when you are out shopping for a latex mattress, be prepared in advance what to look for and how to compare the various latex mattresses offered. A great resource for doing so is

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