What Makes People Want to Buy a Latex Mattress?

We have often wondered what makes people want to buy a latex mattress. We know why we want our latex mattresses, but if we knew more about what spurs others to want a latex mattress, we would be able to make a significant amount of more sales. Hearing from our customers, there are common threads and themes about the needs we have been able to meet by supplying them with a latex mattress, but what about the thousands of them that don’t give us any feedback?

We have to do a little reading between the lines to find out why some of our customers where inspired to buy a latex mattress. What time of the month do most of our latex mattress sales come in is a good clue as to why some of our customers buy a latex mattress. People move out and move in around the endings and beginnings of each new month. Are you moving sometime soon? We have realized from others that this is a prime time for them to buy a latex mattress. Moving is a little bit like spring cleaning; it’s out with the old, and in with the new. Moving gets people motivated to make a new start and to get new furniture. Often since the last time they moved they haven’t gotten a new mattress, and realize that there is no time like the moving present to get themselves a new latex mattress.

What else makes people want to buy a latex mattress specifically? We believe that although the economy has been hit quite hard, people are still spending, but prioritizing their expenses. It may seem counter-intuitive, but right now latex mattress sales are booming. Why would a “luxury mattress” be selling so well in hard times? The fact is, people now more than ever understand the necessity of being able to take care of their mental and emotional health. Stress seems to never have been at the level we are seeing it in the lives of everyday, ordinary common folks like you and me. To survive, people don’t stop spending (unless they are just flat broke), but they do skimp in some areas while assigning other areas a higher priority. Nutritive sleep becomes a greater priority, because it is a survival need; sleep may not be as noticeable a survival need as food and water, but nonetheless it’s high enough on the chain for people to assign it a greater value now more than ever. How has your sleep been going lately? Do you get into a deep, sound sleep? Is your sleep interrupted or just not as comfortable as it could be because of your mattress? There is nothing like a latex mattress to solve some of the problems of your sleep deprived mind and body. Check out Plushbeds.com today for an excellent deal on a natural latex mattress!

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