The Necessary Features of the Best Latex Mattress

When person makes the decision to buy a latex mattress, he or she is most likely looking to correct a problem with an old mattress. Maybe the mattress sagged prematurely, maybe it was lumpy, perhaps it got infested with bed bugs or had a lot of dust mites in it, it could have been too firm or too soft. You get the picture; there could have been any number of things wrong with it. Possibly it had a crater from here to China! Alas, maybe there wasn’t a whole lot wrong with it, but the person wants to experience the feel and luxury of a latex mattress, and it’s time to get rid of an old mattress and buy a brand spanking new one!

The latex mattress is a great choice. Latex mattresses have most of the benefits of a memory foam mattress, yet they have less of the disadvantages accompanying memory foam. Whereas you might not like the melting feeling (both of the “clawprint” cushioning and the overheating, too), the latex mattress accomplishes taking your body mass and distributing that over the surface of the bed without making you feel smothered. Your trigger points won’t be aggravated, in fact they will likely be relieved of stress and pressure, helping you to have a more comfortable rest; especially if you choose a good ILD rating that suits you.

The best latex mattresses would have to be natural latex mattresses, by far. Some of the best natural latex comes out of Sri Lanka, and this very stretchy and durable material is made to last. At you get the type of latex described on, an excellent resource that acts as a type of Buyer’s Guide for latex mattresses. Natural latex foam mattresses can last in excess of 20 years! Another thing that makes Plushbeds latex mattresses among the best latex mattresses is that they don’t use any artificial additives or fillers, not even glues to bond their layers together. Not only is this helpful to keep it all natural, but you can easily switch out a comfort layer if need be buy unzipping the cover and simply removing it.

Another thing that helps qualify a bed as the best latex mattress has to do with the guarantee. Do you get a 100-night sleep trial? What is the return policy (read the fine print and specifics to see how much you could be on the hook for even if you do return the mattress). Come visit us at and get the best latex mattress customized just for you!

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