Why is Latex Used in Mattresses?

The way mattresses have traditionally held up is by coiled metal. Having springs in mattresses is quite standard, the reason being is that metal is quite durable and helps a mattress stay stable and “buoyant” over long periods of time. There is little else that will stay as strong and resilient over time as much as metal does. But metal is not known to be the most comfortable of materials, and so coils (or springs) need to be supplemented by being cushioned so that the sleeper doesn’t feel the metal, but rather the filling in the mattress. Some spring mattresses do a better job than others of blunting the springiness of the mattress and helping the sleeper to experience more of the soft foam or other filling in the mattress. Others, not so much. Inner spring mattresses surely don’t offer the best scenario for transfer of motion between partners, that’s for sure.

Is it any wonder that latex was chosen as a material to construct mattresses from? It shouldn’t be, inasmuch as it is a great solution for holding up strong and being durable as well as offering a great deal of soft comfort. Like a spring, the latex mattress offers “spring-back” but without the force and edge. Latex foam mattresses definitely have an unmatched elasticity that is less forceful, but just as effective. This natural elasticity helps a lot with offering virtually zero motion transfer. Of course, springs cause a lot of bounce, but latex expands and contracts like lungs – kind of like the bed is just breathing softly.

If you witnessed the Tsunami in Thailand or in Japan on the news, you may have noticed that the force of the water hitting against man-made structures had a more devastating blow than against growing, natural things like trees and such. Of course, when the water covers something it doesn’t matter if it’s natural or not, it will be affected. But, in many cases if the water or wind pummels something natural, it has more resiliency and can bounce back. On the other hand, the man-made structures have little give and are destroyed. Natural latex mattresses react differently to force and pressure because they are natural, and they aren’t as brittle. Latex mattresses made from natural latex can last in excess of 20 years. With the ability to get just the right combination of softness and support, latex for mattresses is a perfect solution and answer to springs and coils.

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