The Natural Latex Mattress vs. Synthetic Latex Mattress

Is a natural latex mattress all that much better than a regular latex mattress? By regular, the meaning would be a mattress made of synthetic latex. Many people might think that natural latex mattresses aren’t all that much better than synthetic latex mattresses, but those who know more about latex would tell you otherwise. The reasons are several fold. Regular latex mattresses cost less, and for a reason. They don’t take as much labor to mass produce them, and they are made from petrochemicals. The 100% natural latex mattress takes a long time to gather all of the natural latex and then to put in a special mold and vulcanize (bake and harden) it. It’s a much more careful and laborious process, and the natural latex is more difficult to come by than man-made latex is.

A great benefit from a natural latex mattress is that it is hypoallergenic, so you are safer from the possibility of having allergic reactions to it either via the respiratory system or your skin. Also, the latex foam mattresses created with natural latex are more immune to mold and mildew and other microbes.

Did you know that 100% natural latex mattresses are biodegradable? It’s true, all natural latex mattresses will simply break down by themselves without taking hundreds or thousands of years to do so. That saves space in our landfills and is much friendlier to our environment.

Synthetic latex mattresses might feel pretty decent at first, but in the long run these beds can break down and get flattened (compacted) easier than natural latex does. Because natural latex is so elastic, mattresses made from it can expand and contract so often without any problem, whereas this takes its toll on synthetic latex. Manufacturers of natural latex mattresses understand the reality of how high a quality they are putting out, and they do not expect to have to repair them or have them wear out early so they put a warranty on them of up to 20 years. That’s sending a good message that the natural latex mattress is really of extremely high quality.

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