The Natural Latex Mattress is a Wonderful Natural Product for a Healthy and Pleasant Life

Anyone who likes the natural life would most likely love to have a natural latex mattress. Just think about how natural latex mattresses are made. It’s a lot like what they do to get maple syrup. The Para rubber tree is the tree that gets tapped, and the latex liquid starts to drip out of it very slowly. It takes nearly 2,500 trees to get enough latex to make one queen size mattress. If you think about it, that’s pretty neat that all that effort went into making your latex mattress, and you can really appreciate it all that much more. The trees are not harmed in the process, and continue to grow normally.

There are some great benefits to having a 100% natural latex mattress. Unlike other mattresses, you don’t have the problem of off gassing with them, so you aren’t going to smell the stink in your room for days on end. Then, for those that have sensitivities either with their skin or with their breathing (especially asthma sufferers), you don’t have the issue of allergens because the natural latex mattress is hypoallergenic. Environmentalists will love the fact that these beds are constructed having no petrochemicals to pollute the environment; they are carbon neutral. Beyond that they are biodegradable. That means they won’t ever be sitting in landfills for hundreds or thousands of years before they break down fully.

The natural latex mattress has a great advantage over the synthetic latex mattress in that the natural version has a makeup that allows it to be very stretchable. Nothing man-made can quite compare to it. Remember that natural latex is a foam rubber and therefore is very elastic. The reason that is important is because instead of the fibers breaking down quickly from use, the natural latex foam can form to your body’s curvature over and over again, and then be restored to its original shape with no pancaking or getting compacted. Other foam mattresses tend to feel the wear more often and will lose their elasticity because of the synthetic material breaking down and wearing out.

Probably the best part about the natural latex mattress is that because of its inherent elasticity, it molds to your own body shape, and distributes your weight evenly across its surface. Chiropractors often recommend them because they keep your spine in alignment and aren’t rough on your trigger points. Unlike the memory foam mattress, all natural latex mattresses sleep very cool so you don’t overheat in the summer months. The natural latex has thousands of very tiny holes throughout it that allow your body heat to escape instead of being trapped up against you. You really can’t find anything more comfortable and comforting than a natural latex mattress.

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