What do the Holidays and Sofa Bed Mattresses Have in Common?

sofa bed mattresses and holidaysHappy Halloween! Even if you don’t yourself dress up, you probably have children or grandchildren that do, and it’s kind of fun to relive the happy moments with them as they don their wonderful costumes that make them so proud as they go out and show themselves off while getting rewarded with some sweets or other inventive treats.

Not too far around the corner comes Thanksgiving. It’s a grand time of year when the air gets chilled and more time is spent indoors (and football with Turkey!), and family and friends have more moments together. We have so much to be thankful for, and it warms our hearts to be able to reflect upon the goodness of life. Then comes Christmas, and New Year’s…

We at Plushbeds love this time of year (all of the holidays!); we rightfully enjoy the spirit of the holidays, the nice seasonal dishes (especially the chilis and the soups, and of course the feasts and sweet things, too). And starting now is also a great season for us especially for our wonderful line of sleeper sofa mattress products.

It’s right about now that people start to plan ahead with the realization that they will be having a lot of company visiting their home near Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Some of the more close-knit families out there would have a really hard time asking their guests to stay in a hotel or any other place then right there with them in their home, and so they start making preparations to make it possible for their loved ones to have the accommodations necessary for the nights.

Can you imagine how well thought of you will be in the eyes of your guests if you go just a little bit out of your way to provide them with one of our delightful memory foam sofa mattresses? We love to hear the reports from our customers about how this one gesture makes a huge difference for them and their relationships at this time of year. It’s just a great little extra that you can provide your loved ones that helps them to relax a little more and take some of the stress off of them that can creep in during the holiday season amidst all the hustle and bustle.

So while you are making the preparations with for your feasts and your gift-giving, and all the rest of the fun events that come with this wonderful season, don’t overlook the downtime for you and your guests’ bodies and minds that comes through truly restful sleep. Consider the peaceful rest of your guests, and know that nerves are greatly calmed with good quality sleep. And take care of yourself, too. If you don’t have your own latex mattress or topper for your own bed, you should really look into it. Nourishing yourself so that you can do the same for others is a great place to start!

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