The Natural Latex Mattress: Warm and Cozy When You Want it, Cool and Comfy When You Don’t

warm latex mattresscool latex mattress

Being a natural product the 100% natural latex mattress has some great properties. Because it retains the original plant defenses of the Para rubber tree, the foam mattress itself is quite resistant to dust mites, it’s antimicrobial and antifungal, and it’s hypoallergenic as well. Some people may challenge the hypoallergenic part, but the reality is that the only allergic reactions that may arise would come from other chemicals that some manufacturers may mix in with the natural latex (or especially if its synthetic latex), or an improper washing of the latex material, leaving behind residues or proteins. That’s why it’s really important to know who you are buying from, and to make sure of the integrity of them and their latex mattress.

Besides the natural latex mattress being more resistant to dust mites, it’s also more resistant to bed bugs, whose population has been on the upswing in the past few years across the United States. The reason latex mattresses are more resistant to bed bugs is mainly because of the fact that there is much less space for them to thrive in. With a coil spring mattress there is generally a lot of empty space. This is the perfect environment for bed bugs to move around, navigate to their food sources easily (you), and to reproduce and lay their eggs. On the other hand, a latex mattress has a very solid core, so it would be more stifling for bed bugs to try to inhabit.

A really great feature of the natural latex mattress is its open-ended cell structure. This provides for superior ventilation. How many mattresses do you know that “self-ventilate”? As opposed to memory foam mattresses, which are temperature activated, the latex foam mattress has a system of thousands of holes that are created during the process where the latex is mixed prior to being molded (basically from the air bubbles). These little holes allow for natural latex mattresses to “breathe”. This breath-ability allows for your body to stay warm when season is cold, and to keep cool in the warmer seasons. It’s kind of like being naturally insulated. And with latex, you don’t feel like you are sleeping in quicksand, which is what some consumers compare the experience to. Memory foam kind of creates a claw and sucks you in, whereas latex still conforms to your body curves naturally, but isn’t quite as snug. The end result is that it keeps you more comfortable while relieving pressures that could potentially concentrate in one area or portion of your body as happens with traditional mattresses.

So are you ready yet for the luxury of a warm latex mattress on a cool fall night? It’s a mattress for every season. You can also look forward to an “air conditioned” bed when it turns into summer again!

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