Plushbeds Black Friday Latex Mattress Sale

Black Friday Bedroom Deals Latex Mattress SaleEvery year on Black Friday we have an increased interest in our Botanical Bliss latex mattress line of products. More and more people are aware of latex as a mattress option, as these mattresses have caught the attention of the mainstream media and advertising channels. Among our Black Friday deals this year we have an 8-inch, a 9-inch, and a 10-inch model for sale, all for $750 off, and $1,000 off if you buy an adjustable foundation with it. It’s a super deal because you are getting the best quality latex possible, and you are getting it for an amazingly low price! But, not only do you get the best quality natural latex mattress during our sale, you can also get the best latex mattress cover in the industry.

organic cotton latex mattress cover

The reason the quality of a cover on a latex mattress is important is because it either helps or hinders the flexibility and elasticity of the mattress below it. Latex is superior at relieving pressure points, but in order for it to have the full effect it needs to have a cover on it that isn’t tight and woven. We searched long and hard for a supplier that could provide us with premium materials so we could produce a mattress cover that allowed the full personality of our Botanical Bliss latex to shine through. After some struggles to finally get what we expected, the end result has been very pleasing and does exactly what it should. We’re proud to introduce to our Black Friday shoppers our new organic latex mattress cover. Those who have had a “sneak preview” of it rave over it.

The reason why our new organic cotton latex mattress cover is so wonderful is because, among other things, it is the softest and finest quality organic cotton that can be found online. The cover isn’t mass-produced, either. It’s knitted instead of woven, so it can bend in any direction without stressing the fabric. It’s almost like it becomes part of the latex because it’s so stretchable, much as latex material itself it.

If you’re looking for some great 2011 Black Friday bedroom deals, you really should see all of the reasons there are to buy a Botanical Bliss latex mattress from Plushbeds. Keep in mind that the sale is only on for 72 hours, and it’s the best time of year to get our luxurious mattresses at an astonishingly low price! Hurry!

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