Cyber Monday Latex Mattress Sale

Cyber Monday Mattress SaleIt’s Cyber Monday, the Black Friday of the online shopping world, and here at Plushbeds our mattress sales are hopping much as they were the day after Thanksgiving. We had an excellent Thanksgiving, and hope that you did as well. To help you get ready for Christmas, the last day of our Botanical Bliss latex mattress sale ends at the stroke of midnight tonight. If you didn’t have a chance to make your order on Friday or over the weekend, there is still time, but it is definitely running out. If you hurry, you can still order one of our all natural latex mattresses at the discounted price of $750 off. That’s a price point that many who couldn’t normally afford a latex mattress will now be able to. At current pricing, the rush has definitely hit us, but we’ve got enough supply to probably last us through the afternoon, but don’t wait until evening.

For those who haven’t yet heard, the Cyber Monday latex mattress sale here at Plushbeds includes not only $750 off a 100% natural latex mattress, but also 2 free pillows (while supplies last). These aren’t just scraps of leftover latex glued together to make pillows. They are high quality Talalay latex, used especially for producing a very fine pillow. And by adding an adjustable foundation to your order, the discount jumps from $750 off to $1,000 off. So, there is no doubt you are getting a really great deal at these prices. On top of those factors, your Cyber Monday order is tax-free as well as shipped to you free of charge.

And last, but not least, a newly-introduced accessory, our organic cotton latex mattress cover has been a real hit for those who have had a chance to “beta test” it and report back to us. Everyone who has had the opportunity to sleep on a latex mattress with this organic cotton cover can attest to its utility in helping the real personality and features of what a latex mattress can really do for a person. Because it is a knitted cover, and not woven, it is fully flexible in every direction and so allows the pressure relieving attributes of the latex to be able to do its job of letting it conform to the unique curvature of your body and spreading your weight out evenly. So, what are you waiting for? Our Cyber Monday mattress sale is almost over!

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