Latex Mattress Advantages

When it comes right down to it, you don’t want an uncomfortable mattress to be your sleeping companion night after night.  But what you may not realize yet is that is most likely what you have.  The latex mattress advantages are what you are about to be introduced to.  Latex mattress advantages are many and varied.  The first latex mattress advantage would have to be its simplicity and comfort.  With a latex mattress, one of the advantages is that you don’t have anything mechanical to worry about.  No sleep number, no nothing.  You just lay down on your mattress and it “sleep numbers” you all by itself.  How’s that for easy and nontechnical?

The second advantage to a latex mattress is that it isn’t going to sink in and make you feel like you are in a pile of quick sand, which is most uncomfortable.  It’s like falling in the loo almost.  Latex mattresses have the advantage of being as firm or as soft as you want them to be, because the latex material can be produced to fit your special requests.

More latex mattress advantages: latex can keep out the bedbugs better, and there is an epidemic of bedbugs in our nation and around the world if you haven’t yet heard.  Bedbugs can travel without being detected and that’s how their spread has gone on so effectively.  Did you know bedbugs can be found in quite sanitary spaces like office space and retail stores, movie theatres and department stores?  Latex mattresses have the advantage of not having the open space inside of them like innerspring mattresses do to harbor flourishing family bed bug nesting places.  Gross!

Latex mattresses have the advantage of being very durable, and they have a long “shelf life.”  That is to say that a latex mattress, because of the fine natural material that it is constructed from, will continue to last and last for more than 20-30+ years of pure sleeping enjoyment.  Just don’t get too crazy and oversleep on a latex mattress and miss work!  Another of the latex mattress advantages: it is springy.  You come up off of a latex mattress and there isn’t a hole there.  It immediately takes on its original shape as before you lay down upon it.

The advantages of latex mattresses go beyond these; find more out about how latex is made and how it can affect your health and sleep at

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