Best Latex Mattress

When someone sets out to go shopping for a latex mattress, they unquestionably would like to discover the best latex mattress.  Finding the best latex mattress may be a little difficult because just like anything else, each latex mattress company is vying for your attention (along with the money in your wallet) and wants you to believe they have the very best latex mattress.

So what exactly is the best latex mattress?  While I can outline some things to look for in a latex mattress, some details are very best left for you to decide based upon user preference, and as in everything else in life, there are advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons.

The best latex mattress is going to be one that feels the most comfortable to you.  Of course you need to factor your sleeping partner into the mix, so if he or she likes firm and you like soft, you will go with an ILD (measure of the firmness) that is somewhere in the mid range as to keep the peace between you lovebirds.

The best latex mattress is going to be one that is not a blend, but instead natural/organic latex.  How is it that you would be willing to spend an amount that is nothing to sniff at, and then go for blended (like most latex mattresses are), which is mostly synthetic with a small percentage of natural latex?  And when has man-made material ever been superior to what Mother Nature provides?

The best latex mattress is going to last a long time.  Make sure you have a warranty.  The best latex mattress companies will warranty their latex mattresses for in excess of 20 years!  They must really believe in their product, don’t you agree?

The best latex mattress is most likely to be found with a latex mattress company that gives good customer service.  See, when someone has a good product that they stand behind and believe in, they are consciously striving to serve their customers and they know that they will be around far into the future because they have something that their customers will love and spread the word about.  They are happier to oblige because they have very few problems in the first place.  They have excellent quality assurance measures set in place and monitor them closely.  It is mirrored by their customer service, guaranteed!

The best latex mattress boils down to quality.  Just as with all of your purchases of big ticket items, ask questions of the manufacturer.  Find one that isn’t giving you old latex, but rather fresh latex, like one that has a “born on date”.  Know when the latex was produced, and make sure that your latex mattress company can make it to order.  Customized.   That’s the best latex mattress right there. continues throughout the years to meat the above criteria for the best latex mattress.  And they guarantee all their mattresses.  Besides that you get free shipping and no taxes when you order from their website.

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