Latex Mattress Reviews

If you are in the market for a latex mattress and want to find some latex mattress reviews, the more appropriate thing for you to do would be to do some of your own detective work.  After all, latex mattress reviews can and will be biased, so you would be well-advised to follow a strategy as outlined below to garner some of your very own latex mattress reviews, or quasi-reviews anyway.  After all, what your real goal was in the first place of seeking out latex mattress reviews by some party or parties unknown to you was to get a glimpse into what they thought is a good solid latex mattress buy; but who more to trust than yourself?

The first thing to do to get your own “latex mattress reviews” is to call or visit at least 3 different companies.  You know how when you want a quote on something (like insurance or car repairs) you go comparative shopping amongst at least 3 different places?  Well, for your latex mattress reviews you are going to employ a similar method, only you aren’t intent on getting price quotes.  You are asking stupid questions.  That’s right, have a list of a few stupid questions to ask the salesperson whether it is over the phone because it is an internet-based company or face-to-face in a brick and mortar store.  For example, ask this question to the sales person, “If your latex mattress was a car, what kind would it be and why?”  Be very sincere about this, and see if they blow you off.  If they pass this test of patience with about 5 different “blockhead questions,” then you can go on to the next phase of your latex mattress reviews gathering criteria.  The main reason behind this strategy is that in every transaction there is established some level of trust, the more the better.  You will more readily trust someone that doesn’t discriminate against you because they think you are an idiot.

The next phase (if they pass muster with the first) is to get into their head a little bit and ask the salesperson direct questions about his or her latex mattress.  If you say something that could catch them off guard if they were not forthright, like, “Which month of the year did you buy your first latex mattress in?”  If they say that they don’t have a latex mattress yet for whatever reason, you should probably keep shopping.  If they say that it was “right about this time of year”, they are probably trying to suggestively sell you (what are the odds – 1 in 12).  If they tell you they got theirs in a random month, it is probably more truthful.  You do this so your latex mattress reviews will be more genuine and you can establish more trust that they have a latex mattress themselves (from their own company), and they are a product of the product.

Phase 3 of your latex mattress reviews is to determine what the return policy would be.  If the sales people you have interviewed have passed the above two latex mattress reviews questions, you can get more precise with them because there is a level of trust.  Ask them if you just simply changed your mind on a whim and simply thought it was just too much money, could you get your money back even after having slept on the mattress, would they give you your money back no questions asked?  No questions asked should be included.  You want to see how much they want your business.  If they agree with it, and you have a written guarantee from them that includes that, you can let your guard down a bit and feel fortunate that you have a winner that has passed your latex mattress reviews inquiries positively, and it is now time to purchase your latex mattress.

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