Best Sofa Mattress

When your company comes to visit you, do you have the very best sofa mattress money can buy for them to sleep on during their stay?  The fact is, you probably don’t.  And maybe that is not your goal.  However, you probably do wish to at least have a sofa mattress that isn’t going to cause them stress and strain and wake up with back, neck, shoulder, or hip pain.  Getting the very best sofa mattress for your money should be your goal, however inexpensive or higher-end that you want to go.

If you have already come to the realization that your current sofa mattress just won’t do, you should venture out into the sofa bed mattress market and to your amazement and satisfaction you will find that there are very reasonably-priced memory foam sofa mattresses and latex sofa mattresses available.  So which one do you get?  The answer to that is very personal, but let’s discuss some of the differences.

In general, a memory foam sofa mattress will be less expensive because of the material.  Natural latex isn’t manmade; therefore it will run you a little bit more, though not too much in the case of a sofa mattress.  The difference depending upon the size of the sofa mattress could be less than $75 to $100.  Memory foam is good, but may not be quite as durable and long lasting as latex.  Latex also generally sleeps somewhat cooler; whereas some people think that memory foam sleeps a little on the warm side.

It may sound funny, but some people like latex a little better for boom-chicka-boom, if you know what I mean.  Of course, you may not have to worry about that for your visitor’s sake, but it is good to know.  In many cases you will have a better warranty on your latex sofa mattress than your memory foam sofa mattress.

A memory foam sofa mattress may actually better for those sleepers who experience pain in their joints or other body parts.  But a latex sofa mattress is probably more comfortable overall.  Depending upon if you like firmer or softer, the latex sofa mattress is generally more firm, whereas the memory foam sofa mattress will be softer.

The best sofa mattress is in many ways a draw between the two mattress types. offers both sofa mattress types and has the very best quality of latex and memory foam.

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