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Plushbeds Black Friday Latex Mattress Sale

Black Friday Bedroom Deals Latex Mattress SaleEvery year on Black Friday we have an increased interest in our Botanical Bliss latex mattress line of products. More and more people are aware of latex as a mattress option, as these mattresses have caught the attention of the mainstream media and advertising channels. Among our Black Friday deals this year we have an 8-inch, a 9-inch, and a 10-inch model for sale, all for $750 off, and $1,000 off if you buy an adjustable foundation with it. It’s a super deal because you are getting the best quality latex possible, and you are getting it for an amazingly low price! But, not only do you get the best quality natural latex mattress during our sale, you can also get the best latex mattress cover in the industry.

organic cotton latex mattress cover

The reason the quality of a cover on a latex mattress is important is because it either helps or hinders the flexibility and elasticity of the mattress below it. Latex is superior at relieving pressure points, but in order for it to have the full effect it needs to have a cover on it that isn’t tight and woven. We searched long and hard for a supplier that could provide us with premium materials so we could produce a mattress cover that allowed the full personality of our Botanical Bliss latex to shine through. After some struggles to finally get what we expected, the end result has been very pleasing and does exactly what it should. We’re proud to introduce to our Black Friday shoppers our new organic latex mattress cover. Those who have had a “sneak preview” of it rave over it.

The reason why our new organic cotton latex mattress cover is so wonderful is because, among other things, it is the softest and finest quality organic cotton that can be found online. The cover isn’t mass-produced, either. It’s knitted instead of woven, so it can bend in any direction without stressing the fabric. It’s almost like it becomes part of the latex because it’s so stretchable, much as latex material itself it.

If you’re looking for some great 2011 Black Friday bedroom deals, you really should see all of the reasons there are to buy a Botanical Bliss latex mattress from Plushbeds. Keep in mind that the sale is only on for 72 hours, and it’s the best time of year to get our luxurious mattresses at an astonishingly low price! Hurry!

The Natural Latex Mattress: Warm and Cozy When You Want it, Cool and Comfy When You Don’t

warm latex mattresscool latex mattress

Being a natural product the 100% natural latex mattress has some great properties. Because it retains the original plant defenses of the Para rubber tree, the foam mattress itself is quite resistant to dust mites, it’s antimicrobial and antifungal, and it’s hypoallergenic as well. Some people may challenge the hypoallergenic part, but the reality is that the only allergic reactions that may arise would come from other chemicals that some manufacturers may mix in with the natural latex (or especially if its synthetic latex), or an improper washing of the latex material, leaving behind residues or proteins. That’s why it’s really important to know who you are buying from, and to make sure of the integrity of them and their latex mattress.

Besides the natural latex mattress being more resistant to dust mites, it’s also more resistant to bed bugs, whose population has been on the upswing in the past few years across the United States. The reason latex mattresses are more resistant to bed bugs is mainly because of the fact that there is much less space for them to thrive in. With a coil spring mattress there is generally a lot of empty space. This is the perfect environment for bed bugs to move around, navigate to their food sources easily (you), and to reproduce and lay their eggs. On the other hand, a latex mattress has a very solid core, so it would be more stifling for bed bugs to try to inhabit.

A really great feature of the natural latex mattress is its open-ended cell structure. This provides for superior ventilation. How many mattresses do you know that “self-ventilate”? As opposed to memory foam mattresses, which are temperature activated, the latex foam mattress has a system of thousands of holes that are created during the process where the latex is mixed prior to being molded (basically from the air bubbles). These little holes allow for natural latex mattresses to “breathe”. This breath-ability allows for your body to stay warm when season is cold, and to keep cool in the warmer seasons. It’s kind of like being naturally insulated. And with latex, you don’t feel like you are sleeping in quicksand, which is what some consumers compare the experience to. Memory foam kind of creates a claw and sucks you in, whereas latex still conforms to your body curves naturally, but isn’t quite as snug. The end result is that it keeps you more comfortable while relieving pressures that could potentially concentrate in one area or portion of your body as happens with traditional mattresses.

So are you ready yet for the luxury of a warm latex mattress on a cool fall night? It’s a mattress for every season. You can also look forward to an “air conditioned” bed when it turns into summer again!

What do the Holidays and Sofa Bed Mattresses Have in Common?

sofa bed mattresses and holidaysHappy Halloween! Even if you don’t yourself dress up, you probably have children or grandchildren that do, and it’s kind of fun to relive the happy moments with them as they don their wonderful costumes that make them so proud as they go out and show themselves off while getting rewarded with some sweets or other inventive treats.

Not too far around the corner comes Thanksgiving. It’s a grand time of year when the air gets chilled and more time is spent indoors (and football with Turkey!), and family and friends have more moments together. We have so much to be thankful for, and it warms our hearts to be able to reflect upon the goodness of life. Then comes Christmas, and New Year’s…

We at Plushbeds love this time of year (all of the holidays!); we rightfully enjoy the spirit of the holidays, the nice seasonal dishes (especially the chilis and the soups, and of course the feasts and sweet things, too). And starting now is also a great season for us especially for our wonderful line of sleeper sofa mattress products.

It’s right about now that people start to plan ahead with the realization that they will be having a lot of company visiting their home near Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Some of the more close-knit families out there would have a really hard time asking their guests to stay in a hotel or any other place then right there with them in their home, and so they start making preparations to make it possible for their loved ones to have the accommodations necessary for the nights.

Can you imagine how well thought of you will be in the eyes of your guests if you go just a little bit out of your way to provide them with one of our delightful memory foam sofa mattresses? We love to hear the reports from our customers about how this one gesture makes a huge difference for them and their relationships at this time of year. It’s just a great little extra that you can provide your loved ones that helps them to relax a little more and take some of the stress off of them that can creep in during the holiday season amidst all the hustle and bustle.

So while you are making the preparations with for your feasts and your gift-giving, and all the rest of the fun events that come with this wonderful season, don’t overlook the downtime for you and your guests’ bodies and minds that comes through truly restful sleep. Consider the peaceful rest of your guests, and know that nerves are greatly calmed with good quality sleep. And take care of yourself, too. If you don’t have your own latex mattress or topper for your own bed, you should really look into it. Nourishing yourself so that you can do the same for others is a great place to start!

Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain

sleep deprivation and weight gainDid you know that there is an association between inadequate sleep and obesity? This is according to Lawrence J. Cheskin, M.D., Director of the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center. The Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Source also has an interesting article about a study done on 60,000 women over 16 years, and the possible link between sleep deprivation and weight gain. To be fair, Dr. Cheskin admits that the cause-and-effect relationship is “dubious”. But read the two articles, and decide for yourself.

We already know that having poor sleep can affect our health. Our immune response is lowered for one thing. Doesn’t it just make sense also that not getting enough sleep could possibly cause weight gain? If you look at the increasing numbers of obese adults in America, there could be many reasons why each one of them has that tendency. This isn’t to suggest that there is one thing (not getting enough sleep) that is causing weight gain in the general population all across the board. But, it could be a contributor that we haven’t really paid much attention to before. Doesn’t stress cause people to overeat? And can’t stress come from not getting enough sleep? Are people getting less sleep overall over the past few years, especially over worries in connection with the economy? Maybe people are working more hours and taking on more jobs for lesser pay. Of course, the studies done have been over longer periods of time, and not necessarily recently, but it does make one wonder if the pace of the obesity epidemic is picking up as of late (just the past few years). It’s pretty evident that there are many changes and commotion in politics, world markets, and other societal influences that could infuse a little bit more stress in anybody that pays attention.

So how do we get over that and have better sleep so we can avoid possibly becoming obese, and to reduce the amount of stress in our lives? Well, studies also show that we are more at ease and less stressed the richer our relationships are. You know how the question is posed – “How does he/she sleep at night?” It may seem kind of funny to you, but there may be some truth to that, and the better cohesion we have with our loved ones, our neighbors, and society in general, the less stress we have. The less stress we have… the better we sleep? But as Johns Hopkins article seems to insinuate, which came first, the chicken or the egg (Sleep deprivation may be the consequence, rather than the cause, of obesity.)? Who really knows, but it sure can’t hurt to enrichen our lives by reaching out, serving other people, loving more, and as a result expecting to be able to sleep better and maybe lose a little weight in the process ;)

Are You Buying a Latex Mattress Based Solely on Price?

There are many people that when they hear about how wonderful a latex mattress is from their friends or family do very little in the way of due diligence before they buy a latex mattress. What people are prone to do usually is to buy on emotion, and it seems a hassle to have to delve deeply into the world of mattresses to sort fact from fiction (because there’s a lot of it). More often than not, a person tends to compare by price only because that is what we are conditioned to do. That’s the way we do our grocery shopping. We look at a few different products – usually three is our max because any more than that is overload – and then we pretty much think that those products are pretty similar (unless something particular really stands out) and decide upon one based on which is the cheapest.

Latex mattress shopping is a lot different than what most of us are used to. There is hardly a comparison of apples to apples or oranges to oranges. There isn’t the standard that there is with most other consumable products. And some of it has nothing at all to do with the product itself, but the service, guarantee, and warranty. You’ll find a lot of mattress companies, latex mattress companies included, that want to sell you a product and be done with it. If or when you decide it wasn’t what you expected it to be, you’re either SOL or you have to jump through so many hoops that it isn’t even worth the time to try and get your money back.

Some general guidelines to follow, or some basic things to look for when buying a latex mattress, is to find out exactly what the material is made of. Is it natural latex completely, or some ratio of synthetic and natural? How thick is the latex foam? Are there artificial additives and glues? You also need to know what type of latex the core is made from. A Dunlop core is better because it is denser, and will be much less likely to sag. It’s preferable to also have a Talalay top layer for trigger point pressure relief. Many latex mattresses are either one or the other.

Beyond things having to do with the actual mattress itself, what is the stated warranty? And how long do you get to sleep on your mattress before you make your final decision (i.e. the return policy). Many return policies have very fine print that you don’t realize to basically lock you into your purchase even if you aren’t happy with your latex bed. With some of them you are fully responsible to try and find a way to get the mattress packaged and shipped back cross country, footing the bill of hundreds of dollars.

It’s very important to know and like the latex mattress company you are doing business with. You really need to trust somebody that you are laying a couple thousand dollars with. Are they committed to helping you get what you want and need, or is it just a turn and burn operation for them? Do they have a lot of complaints with the BBB, or is their record clean? How do they field your questions, and what is your gut instinct when speaking with them?

As you can see, buying a latex mattress should be more than just about price. Anybody can be the low-price leader by cutting as many hidden corners as possible, but then when you buy from them issues may rear their ugly head after the fact. Your latex mattress could really cost more than what you bargained for (remember, it’s more about value than price). How much does a great quality latex mattress cost? Expect to pay in the neighborhood of a couple of thousand dollars for a high quality natural latex mattress. In the long run you are getting a better deal even if you pay a little more for a latex mattress and it lasts longer and provides better comfort and reliability than the “latex mattress low-price leader”. Make sure you sift through the price and dig a little deeper to truly compare the features, service, warranty, and guarantee.