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Are You Buying a Latex Mattress Based Solely on Price?

There are many people that when they hear about how wonderful a latex mattress is from their friends or family do very little in the way of due diligence before they buy a latex mattress. What people are prone to do usually is to buy on emotion, and it seems a hassle to have to delve deeply into the world of mattresses to sort fact from fiction (because there’s a lot of it). More often than not, a person tends to compare by price only because that is what we are conditioned to do. That’s the way we do our grocery shopping. We look at a few different products – usually three is our max because any more than that is overload – and then we pretty much think that those products are pretty similar (unless something particular really stands out) and decide upon one based on which is the cheapest.

Latex mattress shopping is a lot different than what most of us are used to. There is hardly a comparison of apples to apples or oranges to oranges. There isn’t the standard that there is with most other consumable products. And some of it has nothing at all to do with the product itself, but the service, guarantee, and warranty. You’ll find a lot of mattress companies, latex mattress companies included, that want to sell you a product and be done with it. If or when you decide it wasn’t what you expected it to be, you’re either SOL or you have to jump through so many hoops that it isn’t even worth the time to try and get your money back.

Some general guidelines to follow, or some basic things to look for when buying a latex mattress, is to find out exactly what the material is made of. Is it natural latex completely, or some ratio of synthetic and natural? How thick is the latex foam? Are there artificial additives and glues? You also need to know what type of latex the core is made from. A Dunlop core is better because it is denser, and will be much less likely to sag. It’s preferable to also have a Talalay top layer for trigger point pressure relief. Many latex mattresses are either one or the other.

Beyond things having to do with the actual mattress itself, what is the stated warranty? And how long do you get to sleep on your mattress before you make your final decision (i.e. the return policy). Many return policies have very fine print that you don’t realize to basically lock you into your purchase even if you aren’t happy with your latex bed. With some of them you are fully responsible to try and find a way to get the mattress packaged and shipped back cross country, footing the bill of hundreds of dollars.

It’s very important to know and like the latex mattress company you are doing business with. You really need to trust somebody that you are laying a couple thousand dollars with. Are they committed to helping you get what you want and need, or is it just a turn and burn operation for them? Do they have a lot of complaints with the BBB, or is their record clean? How do they field your questions, and what is your gut instinct when speaking with them?

As you can see, buying a latex mattress should be more than just about price. Anybody can be the low-price leader by cutting as many hidden corners as possible, but then when you buy from them issues may rear their ugly head after the fact. Your latex mattress could really cost more than what you bargained for (remember, it’s more about value than price). How much does a great quality latex mattress cost? Expect to pay in the neighborhood of a couple of thousand dollars for a high quality natural latex mattress. In the long run you are getting a better deal even if you pay a little more for a latex mattress and it lasts longer and provides better comfort and reliability than the “latex mattress low-price leader”. Make sure you sift through the price and dig a little deeper to truly compare the features, service, warranty, and guarantee.

The Natural Latex Mattress vs. Synthetic Latex Mattress

Is a natural latex mattress all that much better than a regular latex mattress? By regular, the meaning would be a mattress made of synthetic latex. Many people might think that natural latex mattresses aren’t all that much better than synthetic latex mattresses, but those who know more about latex would tell you otherwise. The reasons are several fold. Regular latex mattresses cost less, and for a reason. They don’t take as much labor to mass produce them, and they are made from petrochemicals. The 100% natural latex mattress takes a long time to gather all of the natural latex and then to put in a special mold and vulcanize (bake and harden) it. It’s a much more careful and laborious process, and the natural latex is more difficult to come by than man-made latex is.

A great benefit from a natural latex mattress is that it is hypoallergenic, so you are safer from the possibility of having allergic reactions to it either via the respiratory system or your skin. Also, the latex foam mattresses created with natural latex are more immune to mold and mildew and other microbes.

Did you know that 100% natural latex mattresses are biodegradable? It’s true, all natural latex mattresses will simply break down by themselves without taking hundreds or thousands of years to do so. That saves space in our landfills and is much friendlier to our environment.

Synthetic latex mattresses might feel pretty decent at first, but in the long run these beds can break down and get flattened (compacted) easier than natural latex does. Because natural latex is so elastic, mattresses made from it can expand and contract so often without any problem, whereas this takes its toll on synthetic latex. Manufacturers of natural latex mattresses understand the reality of how high a quality they are putting out, and they do not expect to have to repair them or have them wear out early so they put a warranty on them of up to 20 years. That’s sending a good message that the natural latex mattress is really of extremely high quality.

Why is Latex Used in Mattresses?

The way mattresses have traditionally held up is by coiled metal. Having springs in mattresses is quite standard, the reason being is that metal is quite durable and helps a mattress stay stable and “buoyant” over long periods of time. There is little else that will stay as strong and resilient over time as much as metal does. But metal is not known to be the most comfortable of materials, and so coils (or springs) need to be supplemented by being cushioned so that the sleeper doesn’t feel the metal, but rather the filling in the mattress. Some spring mattresses do a better job than others of blunting the springiness of the mattress and helping the sleeper to experience more of the soft foam or other filling in the mattress. Others, not so much. Inner spring mattresses surely don’t offer the best scenario for transfer of motion between partners, that’s for sure.

Is it any wonder that latex was chosen as a material to construct mattresses from? It shouldn’t be, inasmuch as it is a great solution for holding up strong and being durable as well as offering a great deal of soft comfort. Like a spring, the latex mattress offers “spring-back” but without the force and edge. Latex foam mattresses definitely have an unmatched elasticity that is less forceful, but just as effective. This natural elasticity helps a lot with offering virtually zero motion transfer. Of course, springs cause a lot of bounce, but latex expands and contracts like lungs – kind of like the bed is just breathing softly.

If you witnessed the Tsunami in Thailand or in Japan on the news, you may have noticed that the force of the water hitting against man-made structures had a more devastating blow than against growing, natural things like trees and such. Of course, when the water covers something it doesn’t matter if it’s natural or not, it will be affected. But, in many cases if the water or wind pummels something natural, it has more resiliency and can bounce back. On the other hand, the man-made structures have little give and are destroyed. Natural latex mattresses react differently to force and pressure because they are natural, and they aren’t as brittle. Latex mattresses made from natural latex can last in excess of 20 years. With the ability to get just the right combination of softness and support, latex for mattresses is a perfect solution and answer to springs and coils.

There are a Variety of “Latex Mattresses” in the Market Place

When you first start shopping for a latex mattress, unless you have done your homework in advance, you may think that all latex is the same and that a latex mattress is a latex mattress is a latex mattress. Not so. In fact, there are a variety of latex mattresses that are sold, many which make the claim to be 100% latex. You may also be 100% American, but that might not tell the whole story – there could be some German in your ancestry, some Norwegian, etc., etc. You get the idea. Now if the claim is that a dealer is selling a 100% natural latex mattress, well, now that’s different.

Most latex mattresses sold in the market place today in order not to scare off a potential customer are priced as closely as possible to traditional mattresses. Also, the markup can be higher with a regular “100% latex mattress” than is possible with a 100% natural latex mattress. So often the latex mattress for sale that is displayed on the showroom floor of a mattress retailer is either a synthetic latex mattress through and through (it’s still a 100% latex mattress, they just don’t always point out it is made from 100% synthetic latex) or a blended latex mattress, which is usually anywhere between 60 to 70% synthetic latex material and 30 to 40% natural latex. If that is what you want and you don’t mind a synthesized latex mattress experience, that’s okay, just be aware of what is being represented and what the salesperson is trying to sell you and at what price.

A latex mattress that is made from all natural latex material is usually priced significantly higher because of the quality and the labor used to produce it. The natural latex is tapped from a rubber tree and gathered to be placed into a mold, creating either a Dunlop or a Talalay latex mattress (a denser or softer latex mattress, respectively). What you get with a natural latex mattress is a bed that is highly elastic and more durable. It will generally last much longer because it can expand and contract easily without wearing out. You also get a bed that is hypoallergenic and that is more resistant to mold and it won’t off gas like foam mattresses created with petrochemicals.

Latex mattresses are not only comfortable, but they have a very solid core, which helps them to stave off bed bugs and dust mites more easily. But when you are out shopping for a latex mattress, be prepared in advance what to look for and how to compare the various latex mattresses offered. A great resource for doing so is

Labor Day Mattress Sale

Labor Day Mattress SaleIt may be a little bit of an enigma why a Labor Day Mattress Sale is such an important event. It is clear and apparent that we and other mattress vendors get a lot more business on Labor Day, and is just a hoppin’ at this time of year for mattress sales! We’re not quite sure why Labor Day gets people in the mood to buy mattresses in droves, but we’re surely not complaining. We love the anticipation and preparation of a Labor Day Mattress Sale. Some of the sales that are our best fall on Labor Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, President’s Day, and of course Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If we were to take a shot at why Labor Day mattress sales (or Memorial Day or President’s Day for that matter) was such a significant days for sales, our best guess is that it’s because the media and retailers have by default somewhat “assigned” these days as sales for mattresses but also for other goods.

It’s no secret that many companies in general operate in the red until Black Friday. Around the holidays many companies offer great sales to attract people to buy whatever they are selling. But heck, why wait until then? That’s our guess as to why a Labor Day Mattress Sale (and other Labor Day sales) is so popular. Haven’t you seen that the retail Christmas season creeps up earlier in the calendar each and every year? Shoot, isn’t it just a little bit subliminal that Christmas music starts playing not the day after Thanksgiving now, but the day after Halloween? It’s probably the same rationale that is used for the Labor Day mattress sale – people love holidays, and this is one of those holidays that isn’t marked necessarily by staying indoors as a family, but rather one that people get out and about participating in various activities, so why shouldn’t the retail outlets “claim” it as their day and make a big to-do about it by offering sales to get them closer to being in the black before end of year?

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