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Mattresses That Don’t Transfer Motion

mattresses that don't transfer motionWhich are the mattresses that don’t transfer motion? You do have a few options when it comes to the mattresses that don’t transfer motion. Certainly you won’t find that in an innerspring mattress. They are the worst offenders. Most people who sleep with a partner know how annoying it can be to be jarred awake because of the unsuspected movements and adjustments from the other person in the bed. But some foam mattresses can help you to eliminate that surprise altogether.

Memory foam mattresses are some great ones for mattresses that don’t transfer motion. Put your hand down firmly on a memory foam mattress, and you will make a distinct impression. Imagine how that same characteristic that makes an impression where you put your hand will not allow the motion to be spread from one part of the mattress to the next. It’s just too dense and solid.

Latex mattresses are also among the wonderfully comfortable mattresses that also have zero motion transfer. Natural latex is a fabulous material that won’t send shock waves from one partner to the next. Both the memory foam and the latex foam mattresses have solid cores, which makes for very little “ripple effect” if you were to picture movement in them like a rock hitting water. Because the foam they are made from is very dense and just the right combination of softness and firmness, you get some “play” in these mattresses that stabilizes them and gives them kind of like a shock absorber attribute.

So the next time you want to sleep in, consider in advance getting a latex foam mattress, or a memory foam mattress, two of the best mattresses to avoid motion transfer from your sleeping partner. Whether it be from your partner coming to bed at a later time than you, getting up earlier than you do, or just sleeping alongside someone that flails around a lot and is restless, it’s always best to remain in your deep sleep state. Once you wake up, you may have to go to the bathroom or if you are shocked out of your sleep your mind starts getting too busy and it is hard to slow it back down again enough for you to get the z’s again. Sweet dreams, especially with a Plushbeds latex mattress!

Is Talalay Latex Natural?

is Talalay latex naturalIs Talalay latex natural… is an interesting question. I guess the real answer to that is that it can be. Actually, although the question crops up from time to time it might be hard to remember, so here’s a little refresher – a Talalay latex mattress and a Dunlop latex mattress differ not necessarily because of the fact that one or the other is made from natural latex or not, but because of the process by which each is made. So in answer to whether or not Talalay latex is natural, it depends on whether the latex is 100% natural that is put into the mold that is used with the Talalay Method. Is that clear as mud?

A Talalay latex mattress is named as such because of the process by which it undergoes to get the end product. The latex that is put into the mold can either be of a synthetic or a natural variety. So there are definitely natural Talalay latex mattresses, and then there are certainly synthetic Talalay latex mattresses as well. The same can be said for Dunlop latex mattresses. And if you aren’t quite sure what exactly distinguishes a Talalay latex mattress from a Dunlop latex mattress, or aren’t sure which one is the best latex mattress, rest assured that you aren’t alone, so I will briefly explain it here. Talalay is generally softer latex because the Talalay process makes the latex material spread out more evenly and the little bubbles that are trapped inside make it better aerated. On the other hand, because the Dunlop process doesn’t flash-freeze the latex in place, there is a settling that takes place of the heavier latex particles, causing it to be a firmer, denser mattress overall. One isn’t necessarily better than the other any more than ice cream is better than cake. It’s a matter of preference. That being said, many people when ordering their Plushbeds natural latex mattress (yes, our Talalay and Dunlop mattresses are natural latex) choose to have a top layer of Talalay latex with a bottom layer the firmer Dunlop material for support. Talalay is cushy and soft, and Dunlop helps them not to sink in to their mattress.

There is a big difference between natural latex and synthetic latex. We just posted some information on where natural latex comes from, which is an interesting read. Just know that many mattress stores will tell you that they sell a latex mattress that is 100% latex, which is not saying much at all. Ask them if it is 100% natural latex because that is what makes the difference – night and day, to be sure. Your natural latex mattress will last longer, won’t sag, and will have much better “response” (it’s way more elastic). Try a Plushbeds 100% all natural latex mattress today, you haven’t much to risk because we have a very generous latex mattress return policy.

Where Does Natural Latex Come From?

where does natural latex come fromNatural latex is a wonderful product whose uses and benefits are varied and plentiful. Latex is used for gloves, balloons, clothing, and yes even mattresses! Natural latex comes from many different plant species, though most of them are not useful for their latex. One of the best sources for natural latex, especially for the natural latex mattress, is the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis. The reason why this particular tree, generally referred to as the paraba rubber tree (or more generically as just a rubber tree), is used almost exclusively for the production of latex mattresses is because of the extremely flexible and elastic properties of the latex that comes out of it, its durability, and the natural chemical makeup of it that prevents against molds and mildews as well as being dust mite resistant and less prone to being inhabited by bed bugs.

The para rubber tree is tapped, or incised (a very thin portion of the bark is shaved off), to make an opening for the natural latex sap to exude from within it. The tree reacts to this “wound” by allowing the latex to flow forth as a coping mechanism. A cup or bucket is placed below the shaved part of the bark to collect the dripping latex material. It is interesting to note, however, that the tree is not harmed by the process, and continues to grow normally even being available for tapping again year after year. The harvesting of the latex begins when the tree reaches between 5 to 7 years old. Harvesting of natural latex occurs quite regularly, but is spaced out so as not to stress the tree. There is generally only two months out of the year that a mature rubber tree is not tapped – the dry season in which the leaves fall off. A most excellent resource providing diagrams and very explicit instruction on how tapping is done to collect latex can be found at This resource explains in detail the timing of the day and spacing out of the tapping, the exact methodology, and the expected harvesting life of the rubber tree plantation.

Some of the very best natural latex for mattresses comes from the tropical mountainous climate of the country of Sri Lanka. At we sell only the finest botanical latex mattress, which is certified 100% natural latex. Our latex foam mattresses in our Botanical Bliss collection are very luxurious and customizable for comfort levels according to your preference for latex mattress ILD rating.

How Long Does a Latex Mattress Last?

how long does a latex mattress lastMany people want to know the answer to the question, “How long does a latex mattress last?” because they have gone through many mattresses, and would like to finally settle down with one. That almost sounds like dating vs. courting or marriage, but truthfully it can be quite discouraging to continue to buy mattresses that don’t hold up for very long, that sag prematurely, or that just don’t provide the promised level of comfort for any lasting period of time. People are seeking not only answers to the questions “When should I buy a new mattress?” and “How much does a latex mattress cost?”, but additionally once they have determined that their jig is up with trying one mattress after another, how long can they expect their latex mattress to last before having to start the process over again and get a new one?

Well, there really is hope and promise with a latex mattress; so much so in fact, that the best latex mattress offerings come guaranteed to last up to 20 years and sometimes more. The most reputable manufacturers of natural latex mattresses will provide a warranty of 20 years. And think about it, that is quite a promise and guarantee! Barring any abuse or strange misuse, a mattress really should last that long when it is made out of natural materials. One of the best substantiating reasons why latex foam mattresses can last that long is because the foam rubber core within them is extremely elastic, resilient, and durable. Other foam or pillow top mattresses give out, cave in, sag, or bottom out in shorter periods of time because they are not made to repeatedly absorb the weight of a person and spring back. Latex mattresses form to the contours of a person’s body while he or she is lying on one, and then when arising, the material quickly regains the original shape prior to the pressure being applied to it.

Why would a manufacturer of any product put a full 20 years warranty on it? That’s taking quite a big risk to have to replace or repair something that far out if something goes wrong. Not all latex mattresses do have that kind of warranty on them; however, that is the kind of mattress that sells. Realize that when other companies claim that they have only 100% latex mattresses, that that doesn’t mean they use natural latex. Any synthetic latex mattress or blended latex mattress (part real latex and part synthetic latex) can lawfully claim to be that 100 percent latex mattress, but it doesn’t mean that it is all natural by any means, and check the warranty to see how long it is expected to last! Because in most cases only 100% all natural latex mattresses carry the lengthy warranty of the industry-best 20 years. And in truth, the latex mattresses that Plushbeds sells can go beyond the 20 years (maybe 30 or so) – that’s how long a latex mattress can last!

Does a Latex Mattress Sleep Hot?

does a latex mattress sleep hotMany people in the market for a new mattress have had experience where they have been too hot sleeping on their previous mattress and want to know in particular – Does a latex mattress sleep hot? I could just come out and say no, that latex mattresses don’t sleep hot, but let me be more explanatory by outlining why latex mattresses generally sleep a lot cooler than other mattresses like a pillow top mattress, memory foam, or other bedding materials used on mattresses.

Let me first clarify that “real latex mattresses,” or in other words natural latex mattresses, don’t sleep hot, while other synthetic latex mattresses may sleep too hot for an individual’s liking. The feature within a natural latex mattress that makes it sleep cooler is the thousands of tiny holes (from air bubbles) that are created in the frothing process that are then “baked in” during the vulcanizing process (where it is heated up quickly and then frozen). This produces a system wherein the heat from a person’s body doesn’t get trapped against them, but rather is ventilated and makes its way into the mattress and dissipates or escapes. The sleeper doesn’t have the unfortunate outcome where the heat has nowhere to escape to while they continue to get warmer and warmer. The open-ended cell structure of a natural latex mattress is a godsend to those seeking relief from an already warmer body temperature or for people who experience night sweats (such as women in menopause).

Hopefully you can now understand better why latex mattresses are a choice sleeping surface and the mechanism behind why they sleep a lot cooler than competing mattresses. Keep in mind, too, another of the extra wonderful latex mattress benefits (providing that it is made of natural latex) is that it doesn’t require flipping and it is a mattress that doesn’t sag, either. You will love the comfort that you feel all seasons of the year as you sleep at a very consistent temperature on a natural latex mattress!