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The Natural Latex Mattress is a Wonderful Natural Product for a Healthy and Pleasant Life

Anyone who likes the natural life would most likely love to have a natural latex mattress. Just think about how natural latex mattresses are made. It’s a lot like what they do to get maple syrup. The Para rubber tree is the tree that gets tapped, and the latex liquid starts to drip out of it very slowly. It takes nearly 2,500 trees to get enough latex to make one queen size mattress. If you think about it, that’s pretty neat that all that effort went into making your latex mattress, and you can really appreciate it all that much more. The trees are not harmed in the process, and continue to grow normally.

There are some great benefits to having a 100% natural latex mattress. Unlike other mattresses, you don’t have the problem of off gassing with them, so you aren’t going to smell the stink in your room for days on end. Then, for those that have sensitivities either with their skin or with their breathing (especially asthma sufferers), you don’t have the issue of allergens because the natural latex mattress is hypoallergenic. Environmentalists will love the fact that these beds are constructed having no petrochemicals to pollute the environment; they are carbon neutral. Beyond that they are biodegradable. That means they won’t ever be sitting in landfills for hundreds or thousands of years before they break down fully.

The natural latex mattress has a great advantage over the synthetic latex mattress in that the natural version has a makeup that allows it to be very stretchable. Nothing man-made can quite compare to it. Remember that natural latex is a foam rubber and therefore is very elastic. The reason that is important is because instead of the fibers breaking down quickly from use, the natural latex foam can form to your body’s curvature over and over again, and then be restored to its original shape with no pancaking or getting compacted. Other foam mattresses tend to feel the wear more often and will lose their elasticity because of the synthetic material breaking down and wearing out.

Probably the best part about the natural latex mattress is that because of its inherent elasticity, it molds to your own body shape, and distributes your weight evenly across its surface. Chiropractors often recommend them because they keep your spine in alignment and aren’t rough on your trigger points. Unlike the memory foam mattress, all natural latex mattresses sleep very cool so you don’t overheat in the summer months. The natural latex has thousands of very tiny holes throughout it that allow your body heat to escape instead of being trapped up against you. You really can’t find anything more comfortable and comforting than a natural latex mattress.

The Natural Latex Mattress vs. Synthetic Latex Mattress

Is a natural latex mattress all that much better than a regular latex mattress? By regular, the meaning would be a mattress made of synthetic latex. Many people might think that natural latex mattresses aren’t all that much better than synthetic latex mattresses, but those who know more about latex would tell you otherwise. The reasons are several fold. Regular latex mattresses cost less, and for a reason. They don’t take as much labor to mass produce them, and they are made from petrochemicals. The 100% natural latex mattress takes a long time to gather all of the natural latex and then to put in a special mold and vulcanize (bake and harden) it. It’s a much more careful and laborious process, and the natural latex is more difficult to come by than man-made latex is.

A great benefit from a natural latex mattress is that it is hypoallergenic, so you are safer from the possibility of having allergic reactions to it either via the respiratory system or your skin. Also, the latex foam mattresses created with natural latex are more immune to mold and mildew and other microbes.

Did you know that 100% natural latex mattresses are biodegradable? It’s true, all natural latex mattresses will simply break down by themselves without taking hundreds or thousands of years to do so. That saves space in our landfills and is much friendlier to our environment.

Synthetic latex mattresses might feel pretty decent at first, but in the long run these beds can break down and get flattened (compacted) easier than natural latex does. Because natural latex is so elastic, mattresses made from it can expand and contract so often without any problem, whereas this takes its toll on synthetic latex. Manufacturers of natural latex mattresses understand the reality of how high a quality they are putting out, and they do not expect to have to repair them or have them wear out early so they put a warranty on them of up to 20 years. That’s sending a good message that the natural latex mattress is really of extremely high quality.

Why is Latex Used in Mattresses?

The way mattresses have traditionally held up is by coiled metal. Having springs in mattresses is quite standard, the reason being is that metal is quite durable and helps a mattress stay stable and “buoyant” over long periods of time. There is little else that will stay as strong and resilient over time as much as metal does. But metal is not known to be the most comfortable of materials, and so coils (or springs) need to be supplemented by being cushioned so that the sleeper doesn’t feel the metal, but rather the filling in the mattress. Some spring mattresses do a better job than others of blunting the springiness of the mattress and helping the sleeper to experience more of the soft foam or other filling in the mattress. Others, not so much. Inner spring mattresses surely don’t offer the best scenario for transfer of motion between partners, that’s for sure.

Is it any wonder that latex was chosen as a material to construct mattresses from? It shouldn’t be, inasmuch as it is a great solution for holding up strong and being durable as well as offering a great deal of soft comfort. Like a spring, the latex mattress offers “spring-back” but without the force and edge. Latex foam mattresses definitely have an unmatched elasticity that is less forceful, but just as effective. This natural elasticity helps a lot with offering virtually zero motion transfer. Of course, springs cause a lot of bounce, but latex expands and contracts like lungs – kind of like the bed is just breathing softly.

If you witnessed the Tsunami in Thailand or in Japan on the news, you may have noticed that the force of the water hitting against man-made structures had a more devastating blow than against growing, natural things like trees and such. Of course, when the water covers something it doesn’t matter if it’s natural or not, it will be affected. But, in many cases if the water or wind pummels something natural, it has more resiliency and can bounce back. On the other hand, the man-made structures have little give and are destroyed. Natural latex mattresses react differently to force and pressure because they are natural, and they aren’t as brittle. Latex mattresses made from natural latex can last in excess of 20 years. With the ability to get just the right combination of softness and support, latex for mattresses is a perfect solution and answer to springs and coils.

The Necessary Features of the Best Latex Mattress

When person makes the decision to buy a latex mattress, he or she is most likely looking to correct a problem with an old mattress. Maybe the mattress sagged prematurely, maybe it was lumpy, perhaps it got infested with bed bugs or had a lot of dust mites in it, it could have been too firm or too soft. You get the picture; there could have been any number of things wrong with it. Possibly it had a crater from here to China! Alas, maybe there wasn’t a whole lot wrong with it, but the person wants to experience the feel and luxury of a latex mattress, and it’s time to get rid of an old mattress and buy a brand spanking new one!

The latex mattress is a great choice. Latex mattresses have most of the benefits of a memory foam mattress, yet they have less of the disadvantages accompanying memory foam. Whereas you might not like the melting feeling (both of the “clawprint” cushioning and the overheating, too), the latex mattress accomplishes taking your body mass and distributing that over the surface of the bed without making you feel smothered. Your trigger points won’t be aggravated, in fact they will likely be relieved of stress and pressure, helping you to have a more comfortable rest; especially if you choose a good ILD rating that suits you.

The best latex mattresses would have to be natural latex mattresses, by far. Some of the best natural latex comes out of Sri Lanka, and this very stretchy and durable material is made to last. At you get the type of latex described on, an excellent resource that acts as a type of Buyer’s Guide for latex mattresses. Natural latex foam mattresses can last in excess of 20 years! Another thing that makes Plushbeds latex mattresses among the best latex mattresses is that they don’t use any artificial additives or fillers, not even glues to bond their layers together. Not only is this helpful to keep it all natural, but you can easily switch out a comfort layer if need be buy unzipping the cover and simply removing it.

Another thing that helps qualify a bed as the best latex mattress has to do with the guarantee. Do you get a 100-night sleep trial? What is the return policy (read the fine print and specifics to see how much you could be on the hook for even if you do return the mattress). Come visit us at and get the best latex mattress customized just for you!

What Makes People Want to Buy a Latex Mattress?

We have often wondered what makes people want to buy a latex mattress. We know why we want our latex mattresses, but if we knew more about what spurs others to want a latex mattress, we would be able to make a significant amount of more sales. Hearing from our customers, there are common threads and themes about the needs we have been able to meet by supplying them with a latex mattress, but what about the thousands of them that don’t give us any feedback?

We have to do a little reading between the lines to find out why some of our customers where inspired to buy a latex mattress. What time of the month do most of our latex mattress sales come in is a good clue as to why some of our customers buy a latex mattress. People move out and move in around the endings and beginnings of each new month. Are you moving sometime soon? We have realized from others that this is a prime time for them to buy a latex mattress. Moving is a little bit like spring cleaning; it’s out with the old, and in with the new. Moving gets people motivated to make a new start and to get new furniture. Often since the last time they moved they haven’t gotten a new mattress, and realize that there is no time like the moving present to get themselves a new latex mattress.

What else makes people want to buy a latex mattress specifically? We believe that although the economy has been hit quite hard, people are still spending, but prioritizing their expenses. It may seem counter-intuitive, but right now latex mattress sales are booming. Why would a “luxury mattress” be selling so well in hard times? The fact is, people now more than ever understand the necessity of being able to take care of their mental and emotional health. Stress seems to never have been at the level we are seeing it in the lives of everyday, ordinary common folks like you and me. To survive, people don’t stop spending (unless they are just flat broke), but they do skimp in some areas while assigning other areas a higher priority. Nutritive sleep becomes a greater priority, because it is a survival need; sleep may not be as noticeable a survival need as food and water, but nonetheless it’s high enough on the chain for people to assign it a greater value now more than ever. How has your sleep been going lately? Do you get into a deep, sound sleep? Is your sleep interrupted or just not as comfortable as it could be because of your mattress? There is nothing like a latex mattress to solve some of the problems of your sleep deprived mind and body. Check out today for an excellent deal on a natural latex mattress!