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Buying a Latex Mattress is Really Just About a Couple of Things

When it comes to buying a latex mattress, it isn’t really all that clear cut on how to comparison shop, especially if this is your first time shopping for a latex mattress. Latex mattress companies vary widely in terms of what they have to offer, what their price is, their customer service aptitudes, and so many other details regarding the quality of their latex mattress. If they sell a natural latex mattress, is it really 100% natural, or is it a blend? Does it include artificial additives and fillers? Are the layers glued together or do they “float”?

Because there are so many factors, it’s almost a necessity to have a good latex mattress buyer’s guide so that you can navigate through the hype and the pomp and circumstance. Either that or get some good advice from a friend or family member who has gone down this path already. Assuming you don’t know anybody close to you that has gone the latex mattress route, let’s lay out some good rules of thumb to go by in selecting a great latex mattress.

You should always feel free to go and browse retail mattress stores that sell latex mattresses, whether or not you plan to buy from the retailer(s). You can learn a lot from the various dealers, and if nothing else it will give you a good education so that you can verify the things that they tell you later on on your own by doing some thorough research on the internet. Just consider this phase as learning how to learn. Just like you may not still be in the type of profession you studied for in college, you at least learned how to learn and got a degree of some type. Much like this, you start getting a feel for what to look for when you frequent the brick and mortar latex mattress shops.

Eventually to save money and get the best quality latex mattress, you’ll likely want to order over the internet. Here you will notice that there are many companies that have to be on the top of their game and offer honest-to-goodness products because they are in such a competitive space. So after you have done a bit of offline shopping, it’s time to get online and compare what you learned to the information at such sites like, where they lay out the case with a good set of questions to get answered before you settle in with a company to buy your latex mattress. Just because you are on the internet and you don’t pay the costs associated with overhead expenses and with sales tax, you still need to do your due diligence to find out if what you are getting is indeed what you set out to. is a great place to start to navigate your way through it all, and has some great common sense tips that may be overlooked since you may be new to latex mattresses.

When it really comes down to it, you need to have a couple of items checked off to get comfortable with putting out a substantial amount of money on a latex mattress investment: First, you get all the facts plus a warranty and decent sleep trial, and then you have to have a good feeling with who you are dealing with. The first deals with the above advice, and the second is just an intuitive gut feel that everybody has to develop on their own and practice over time. Good luck latex mattress shopping!

Who is Your Latex Mattress Company?

In the latex mattress industry there are quite a few online companies as well as retail stores that would like to win your business. Many times the difference between a good latex mattress company and a bad one is what happens after business has been transacted. Thankfully, if a person does their homework, they can learn some of the pitfalls and what to avoid when searching out a latex mattress retailer to do business with. points out some of the things to be aware of in your critique of whom to business with when buying a latex mattress. Though they have on their list this factor as the seventh of 7 things to find out before buying a latex mattress, we think it should be up near the top.

When you do business with anybody, one of the number one reasons that you do so is because you like them, right? If that isn’t the case, maybe you have no other choice, or it is somehow a forced transaction. Anyway, those latex mattress companies that get your business should be following best practices for customer relations. What would that entail? Some of it is obvious, some maybe not so much so, and more particular to the industry.

One thing that you want to look for when shopping for a latex mattress company to do business with is personnel that care about you as a person. If they have good people persons on staff that actually give a darn about you as a person, and aren’t so consumed with themselves and making sales, an obvious pleasant side effect of that is that they will get more sales. People want to know how much you care before they care about how much you know. A golden rule for businesses to follow in general is if they give you what you want they will get what they want. That is the foundational driving principle of what we try to follow here at We’ve seen through experience that when we genuinely answer the potential customers’ questions and help them to get what they want instead of what we’d like to sell them, the long-term result is much better for everyone.

One more thing that we’ve seen and experienced is that trying to dog on another company isn’t really very effective. When other companies spoken untruths about us, it seems to drive customers our way, because people are curious and want to know the truth. It’s never good to speak bad about the competition; karma can be a real bugger. Those who mend their ways can have a chance at a comeback, with positivity flowing towards them. When a latex mattress company is asked about a competitor, it is always better to simply compare and contrast features and stick to facts instead of opinions. It builds trust between them and the customer.

Who is your latex mattress company? Give us a chance to win your business and see if we can delight you!

There are a Variety of “Latex Mattresses” in the Market Place

When you first start shopping for a latex mattress, unless you have done your homework in advance, you may think that all latex is the same and that a latex mattress is a latex mattress is a latex mattress. Not so. In fact, there are a variety of latex mattresses that are sold, many which make the claim to be 100% latex. You may also be 100% American, but that might not tell the whole story – there could be some German in your ancestry, some Norwegian, etc., etc. You get the idea. Now if the claim is that a dealer is selling a 100% natural latex mattress, well, now that’s different.

Most latex mattresses sold in the market place today in order not to scare off a potential customer are priced as closely as possible to traditional mattresses. Also, the markup can be higher with a regular “100% latex mattress” than is possible with a 100% natural latex mattress. So often the latex mattress for sale that is displayed on the showroom floor of a mattress retailer is either a synthetic latex mattress through and through (it’s still a 100% latex mattress, they just don’t always point out it is made from 100% synthetic latex) or a blended latex mattress, which is usually anywhere between 60 to 70% synthetic latex material and 30 to 40% natural latex. If that is what you want and you don’t mind a synthesized latex mattress experience, that’s okay, just be aware of what is being represented and what the salesperson is trying to sell you and at what price.

A latex mattress that is made from all natural latex material is usually priced significantly higher because of the quality and the labor used to produce it. The natural latex is tapped from a rubber tree and gathered to be placed into a mold, creating either a Dunlop or a Talalay latex mattress (a denser or softer latex mattress, respectively). What you get with a natural latex mattress is a bed that is highly elastic and more durable. It will generally last much longer because it can expand and contract easily without wearing out. You also get a bed that is hypoallergenic and that is more resistant to mold and it won’t off gas like foam mattresses created with petrochemicals.

Latex mattresses are not only comfortable, but they have a very solid core, which helps them to stave off bed bugs and dust mites more easily. But when you are out shopping for a latex mattress, be prepared in advance what to look for and how to compare the various latex mattresses offered. A great resource for doing so is

Labor Day Mattress Sale

Labor Day Mattress SaleIt may be a little bit of an enigma why a Labor Day Mattress Sale is such an important event. It is clear and apparent that we and other mattress vendors get a lot more business on Labor Day, and is just a hoppin’ at this time of year for mattress sales! We’re not quite sure why Labor Day gets people in the mood to buy mattresses in droves, but we’re surely not complaining. We love the anticipation and preparation of a Labor Day Mattress Sale. Some of the sales that are our best fall on Labor Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, President’s Day, and of course Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If we were to take a shot at why Labor Day mattress sales (or Memorial Day or President’s Day for that matter) was such a significant days for sales, our best guess is that it’s because the media and retailers have by default somewhat “assigned” these days as sales for mattresses but also for other goods.

It’s no secret that many companies in general operate in the red until Black Friday. Around the holidays many companies offer great sales to attract people to buy whatever they are selling. But heck, why wait until then? That’s our guess as to why a Labor Day Mattress Sale (and other Labor Day sales) is so popular. Haven’t you seen that the retail Christmas season creeps up earlier in the calendar each and every year? Shoot, isn’t it just a little bit subliminal that Christmas music starts playing not the day after Thanksgiving now, but the day after Halloween? It’s probably the same rationale that is used for the Labor Day mattress sale – people love holidays, and this is one of those holidays that isn’t marked necessarily by staying indoors as a family, but rather one that people get out and about participating in various activities, so why shouldn’t the retail outlets “claim” it as their day and make a big to-do about it by offering sales to get them closer to being in the black before end of year?

Okay, so enough about the reasoning for the Labor Day Mattress Sale, and onto why a Plushbeds Labor Day Mattress Sale is so great. First, I’m sure most people realize that they can get an item online for cheaper than they can in a retail store. It’s a no-brainer. Stuff is cheaper online for a few reasons, and our mattresses sure factor into these reasons: overhead costs aren’t factored in to your item nearly as much as they would be for a brick and mortar establishment. Most online sales are also minus the taxes as well. These are the top two reasons why people decide to buy online. offers up to $1,000 of on our latex mattresses for our Labor Day Sale, and not only will you not pay taxes, but you will also get free shipping. For our Labor Day Mattress Sale you will also get two free Talalaly latex pillows. And don’t forget to check out our sales on our Plush Number Air Mattresses. These beauties are made in American (not China!), and we are proud to introduce them to you and believe that they are 10 times better than the competition’s. Come find out why on our Plushbeds Labor Day Mattress Sale!

Mattresses That Don’t Transfer Motion

mattresses that don't transfer motionWhich are the mattresses that don’t transfer motion? You do have a few options when it comes to the mattresses that don’t transfer motion. Certainly you won’t find that in an innerspring mattress. They are the worst offenders. Most people who sleep with a partner know how annoying it can be to be jarred awake because of the unsuspected movements and adjustments from the other person in the bed. But some foam mattresses can help you to eliminate that surprise altogether.

Memory foam mattresses are some great ones for mattresses that don’t transfer motion. Put your hand down firmly on a memory foam mattress, and you will make a distinct impression. Imagine how that same characteristic that makes an impression where you put your hand will not allow the motion to be spread from one part of the mattress to the next. It’s just too dense and solid.

Latex mattresses are also among the wonderfully comfortable mattresses that also have zero motion transfer. Natural latex is a fabulous material that won’t send shock waves from one partner to the next. Both the memory foam and the latex foam mattresses have solid cores, which makes for very little “ripple effect” if you were to picture movement in them like a rock hitting water. Because the foam they are made from is very dense and just the right combination of softness and firmness, you get some “play” in these mattresses that stabilizes them and gives them kind of like a shock absorber attribute.

So the next time you want to sleep in, consider in advance getting a latex foam mattress, or a memory foam mattress, two of the best mattresses to avoid motion transfer from your sleeping partner. Whether it be from your partner coming to bed at a later time than you, getting up earlier than you do, or just sleeping alongside someone that flails around a lot and is restless, it’s always best to remain in your deep sleep state. Once you wake up, you may have to go to the bathroom or if you are shocked out of your sleep your mind starts getting too busy and it is hard to slow it back down again enough for you to get the z’s again. Sweet dreams, especially with a Plushbeds latex mattress!