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Latex Mattress Comfort

latex mattress comfortThere is a lot to be said about latex mattress comfort. One of the best reasons for buying a new mattress is so you can get one that is more comfortable than the last one, right? Latex mattresses have a wonderful reputation for being mattresses of excellent comfort for the following reasons.

First off, a natural latex mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses because of the wonderful elasticity within the foam rubber tapped from the Hevea brasiliensis tree. The sap from this rubber tree is vulcanized (flash frozen) to make a wonderfully responsive mattress that will not just bury your body within it, but instead give a little bit of “kickback” or springiness for optimal support. After all, it’s rubber, what less would you expect? At the same time of providing you with ample support, your latex mattress will also be soft and soothing. You get the best of both worlds in tandem. You may decide to have a bottom layer of Dunlop latex and your top layer be a Talalay latex mattress, which many people do just that so they don’t get a mattress that is either too soft or too firm.

Latex mattresses are also tops in the comfort department because if you aren’t use to memory foam or don’t quite like the feel of them, you will have a much more natural cradling of your body with natural latex. Not all foam mattresses are alike, and you will be able to tell an immediate difference between latex and memory foam with a first test of both of them.

Another reason you may opt to go with a latex mattress for ultimate comfort is because you can pretty much sleep in any position on one without feeling like the mattress needs to be adjusted or managed differently. Some mattresses are better for certain sleeping positions, but latex mattresses are quite compatible to all of the sleeping positions.
What makes the best latex mattress for you, the one that is the most comfortable, is what we offer here at Plushbeds; that is, you get to choose a firmness (an ILD rating) that fits you best. It’s a customized mattress, one that you will cherish for decades because of its individuality.

One last thing that we ought to mention is that a latex mattress is so comfortable because of its unique ability to circulate air. You will appreciate this especially in the summertime as the tiny pin-sized holes pull the heat away from your body and allow you to sleep very coolly. Calm, cool, supportive, softness, these are all what make a latex mattress so comfortable!

How Good Are Latex Mattresses?

how good are latex mattressesToday I want to speak on the subject of how good are latex mattresses, so turn up your speakers. Actually this is a query that gets a bit of traffic so I thought that I would spend some time on it giving it my own slant (because it’s kind of a funny, broad question with some biases), but you won’t actually have to turn your speakers up because there is no sound, just the typing of my keystrokes that you won’t hear anyway.

In attempting to answer the question that is the title of this blog post, I will focus my comments on some of the reasons I personally think latex mattresses are good. I can’t speak for all latex mattresses generally, but I can say that Plushbeds latex mattresses are very fine mattresses (yep, they’re good) because of how comfortable they are. Our botanical latex mattress is customizable for comfort, and you can tailor your selection to what level of firmness you choose. Whichever firmness you choose you can put a number on it (almost like an air mattress), which is called the ILD rating. An ILD rating, or number, can help you to identify how firm or how soft you want the mattress to be, as discussed in a recent post we had on that subject.

Once in a while we get customers who don’t know for certain really what firmness level they want because they have never really had to think about it before or have never had a mattress that gave them that option. We think one of the reasons why Plushbeds’ latex mattresses are good is because you can choose your firmness for your own unique preferences. Now, once in a while, if someone hasn’t thought about it or ever had the option before, they could possibly miss the mark and pick a firmness that doesn’t really gel with them. That’s not an issue, because another thing that we think makes our latex mattresses good is that the layers aren’t glued together, and you have the option of switching out a layer, which is normally really all it takes to solve an incompatibility with your firmness selection. It’s a really simple process that is covered in our Sleep Tight Guarantee.

An additional reason we think our latex mattresses are great is because they are all natural. Because they are made from natural latex that comes from Sri-Lanka, our mattresses are hypoallergenic. That’s right, your sleep surface won’t cause you respiratory problems or cause your skin to become irritated. Not only that, but you won’t be bothered by the off gassing that comes from a polyurethane product made from petrochemicals.

Would you like to know the #1 reason why we (and our customers) think we have the best latex mattress? We think our latex mattress is one of the best if not the best latex mattress because we inspect them all for purity, uniformity, quality, consistency, and of course throw in excellent customer service to round it all off. The results that you get from this list of attributes is that you will get a very fine mattress for a very reasonable price, and one that will last for decades because it is made of such durable material. We think you are going to love Plushbed’s latex mattresses and think that they are the best!

Latex Foam Mattresses: They’re too Darn Reliable!

I can’t remember the source of this (paraphrased) quote, but it has been said that in order to make a lot of money you should produce something that nobody has, that everybody wants, that gets used up, and then market it like crazy (or something to that effect!). You’ll make a tidy bundle because your product will be in high demand and since it’s a consumable, people will buy it over and over again. That’s kind of the idea behind residual income, right?

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) latex foam mattresses don’t fit the bill for the above scenario of making a bundle of money consistently or any kind of residual income. If a latex foam mattress dealer was to depend solely upon getting repeat customers he or she would become broke quickly because a person only needs so many mattresses in a house at one time, and they’d like to not have to keep buying them repeatedly! Instead a marketer of latex foam mattresses has a different recipe for success, which is to produce the best possible latex mattress, slap on a lengthy warranty, give the customer a sufficient sleep trial, and differentiate himself from the competing latex mattress vendors as much as possible.

The fortunate part of the latex foam mattress life cycle is that the customer is the one who benefits the most from the deal. There is no maintenance (other than not abusing your mattress), and if you buy one of the right latex foam mattresses, a 100% natural latex mattress, you will get decades of use out of it. These mattresses are about the most reliable available on the market. Think about it, what better material could be utilized for a mattress than natural foam rubber? The shortfall of most mattresses is that they wear out too quickly, they sag or bottom out, they get lumpy, or what have you. A latex foam rubber mattress, on the other hand, is a superior mattress because it has flexibility, amazing elasticity, and it breathes well, all providing for excellent durability. The springiness of a latex mattress, the no-motion transfer, and especially the great combination of softness and support, are reasons that give credence to latex foam being a superior sleep surface.

You can see that the approach to selling latex foam mattresses is a lot different than selling something that is consumable, hoping the customer will just keep coming back for more. There must be a high standard of quality as well as service. That’s the Plushbeds formula for success. We can’t rely on selling an infinite number of mattresses to the same customer, but instead go above and beyond by focusing on relationships and getting referrals from happy customers as well as putting our good name and reputation out in front of as many interested potential buyers as possible. Give a Plushbeds latex foam mattress a try today; they last forever (almost)!

Is Talalay Latex Natural?

is Talalay latex naturalIs Talalay latex natural… is an interesting question. I guess the real answer to that is that it can be. Actually, although the question crops up from time to time it might be hard to remember, so here’s a little refresher – a Talalay latex mattress and a Dunlop latex mattress differ not necessarily because of the fact that one or the other is made from natural latex or not, but because of the process by which each is made. So in answer to whether or not Talalay latex is natural, it depends on whether the latex is 100% natural that is put into the mold that is used with the Talalay Method. Is that clear as mud?

A Talalay latex mattress is named as such because of the process by which it undergoes to get the end product. The latex that is put into the mold can either be of a synthetic or a natural variety. So there are definitely natural Talalay latex mattresses, and then there are certainly synthetic Talalay latex mattresses as well. The same can be said for Dunlop latex mattresses. And if you aren’t quite sure what exactly distinguishes a Talalay latex mattress from a Dunlop latex mattress, or aren’t sure which one is the best latex mattress, rest assured that you aren’t alone, so I will briefly explain it here. Talalay is generally softer latex because the Talalay process makes the latex material spread out more evenly and the little bubbles that are trapped inside make it better aerated. On the other hand, because the Dunlop process doesn’t flash-freeze the latex in place, there is a settling that takes place of the heavier latex particles, causing it to be a firmer, denser mattress overall. One isn’t necessarily better than the other any more than ice cream is better than cake. It’s a matter of preference. That being said, many people when ordering their Plushbeds natural latex mattress (yes, our Talalay and Dunlop mattresses are natural latex) choose to have a top layer of Talalay latex with a bottom layer the firmer Dunlop material for support. Talalay is cushy and soft, and Dunlop helps them not to sink in to their mattress.

There is a big difference between natural latex and synthetic latex. We just posted some information on where natural latex comes from, which is an interesting read. Just know that many mattress stores will tell you that they sell a latex mattress that is 100% latex, which is not saying much at all. Ask them if it is 100% natural latex because that is what makes the difference – night and day, to be sure. Your natural latex mattress will last longer, won’t sag, and will have much better “response” (it’s way more elastic). Try a Plushbeds 100% all natural latex mattress today, you haven’t much to risk because we have a very generous latex mattress return policy.

Where Does Natural Latex Come From?

where does natural latex come fromNatural latex is a wonderful product whose uses and benefits are varied and plentiful. Latex is used for gloves, balloons, clothing, and yes even mattresses! Natural latex comes from many different plant species, though most of them are not useful for their latex. One of the best sources for natural latex, especially for the natural latex mattress, is the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis. The reason why this particular tree, generally referred to as the paraba rubber tree (or more generically as just a rubber tree), is used almost exclusively for the production of latex mattresses is because of the extremely flexible and elastic properties of the latex that comes out of it, its durability, and the natural chemical makeup of it that prevents against molds and mildews as well as being dust mite resistant and less prone to being inhabited by bed bugs.

The para rubber tree is tapped, or incised (a very thin portion of the bark is shaved off), to make an opening for the natural latex sap to exude from within it. The tree reacts to this “wound” by allowing the latex to flow forth as a coping mechanism. A cup or bucket is placed below the shaved part of the bark to collect the dripping latex material. It is interesting to note, however, that the tree is not harmed by the process, and continues to grow normally even being available for tapping again year after year. The harvesting of the latex begins when the tree reaches between 5 to 7 years old. Harvesting of natural latex occurs quite regularly, but is spaced out so as not to stress the tree. There is generally only two months out of the year that a mature rubber tree is not tapped – the dry season in which the leaves fall off. A most excellent resource providing diagrams and very explicit instruction on how tapping is done to collect latex can be found at This resource explains in detail the timing of the day and spacing out of the tapping, the exact methodology, and the expected harvesting life of the rubber tree plantation.

Some of the very best natural latex for mattresses comes from the tropical mountainous climate of the country of Sri Lanka. At we sell only the finest botanical latex mattress, which is certified 100% natural latex. Our latex foam mattresses in our Botanical Bliss collection are very luxurious and customizable for comfort levels according to your preference for latex mattress ILD rating.