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What’s the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

what is the best mattress for back painFor many people asking the question, “What’s the best mattress for back pain?” they wish there were a cut-and-dried answer for them so they wouldn’t have to fret over whether or not a specific mattress type was the best mattress for them.  Not only does the back pain sufferer want back pain relief, but they also would like, if at all possible, a straightforward answer to this question that doesn’t seem like a hard one from the outset to get answered.  Yet, it is.  And the reason why it’s hard to answer is because there are so many variables.  There are some general guidelines though as to what will help a bad back, and the consensus seems to be that the mattress should have enough firmness to it.  That isn’t to say that it would help you to sleep on cement – that’s going a little bit too far.  But, with the right combination of support and comfort, this may be just the ticket for helping not to aggravate back pain, and further to actually possibly help alleviate some of it.  The challenge is to get the right combination of comfort and support!

Chiropractors get asked all the time, “What is the best mattress for back pain?”  Their response?  While not all chiropractors respond the same way, there are a goodly portion of them that recommend the latex mattress.  The natural latex mattress has some really great features that give it the advantage over conventional mattresses or even some of the expensive ones with more bells and whistles.  One of the nicest aspects of this type of foam mattress is that it provides some great support and softness by combining the two latex types, Talalay and Dunlop, in layers to the latex mattress ILD rating specified by the customer.  That is to say that the customer (back pain sufferer) by experience should know generally what is better on their back (a slant towards firmness or a slant towards something softer).  The ILD rating will help them to choose this, and they can have a lower layer of Dunlop with the upper portion being Talalay latex mattress (softer) material.  Or even all Dunlop (firmer and denser) if they so choose.

Another one of the perks of buying a latex mattress as a back pain sufferer is that most merchants recognize the variability and individuality in regards to how the consumer will experience the mattress.  That is why with the best latex mattress companies you will get a trial period wherein you have the opportunity to test the mattress to see that it fits your expectations and comfort level.  There is a very gracious latex mattress return policy at, where you pay a flat $99 return fee.  Other companies charge much, much more to have it shipped back to them, and sometimes their return policies are extremely vague.  If at first, though, you don’t seem to get the back pain relief that you were seeking, it can be as simple a matter of just switching out a layer.  This is a very simple fix and even cheaper alternative.  The main thing is to make sure that your back loves your mattress, and the natural latex mattress is one of the best mattresses for back pain because as it evenly distributes your weight across its surface you are also gently cradled by it, it also provides relief to those pressure points your chiropractor talks about.  So, give a natural latex mattress a try today (100 day trial period), and see just how awesome these mattresses can be as some of the best mattresses in the world for back pain!

What is the Best Mattress for an Adjustable Bed?

what is the best mattress for an adjustable bedThere are numerous benefits that a person can get from sleeping on an adjustable bed, but some still wonder, “What is the best mattress for an adjustable bed?”  As an adjustable bed can have many different position settings, it can be hard to find a mattress that will adjust right along with the curvature of the adjustable bed frame.  You might be able to envision putting a traditional mattress on an adjustable bed and the fiasco that could result in.  Even other more pliable mattress made from various foams can still “taco.”  You absolutely don’t want to be sleeping like you are being sandwiched in.  This is where a particular mattress that is the best for an adjustable bed comes in – the natural latex mattress.  A natural latex mattress is not only probably the best mattress for an adjustable bed, but also the best mattress (and the best latex mattress), period, according to some.  But enough of the subjectivity.

The many latex mattress benefits include its stretchiness (elasticity), so much so that it can bend around a corner.  The 100% natural latex mattress will follow the flowing and smooth curvatures that an adjustable bed is capable of.  And not only is this advantageous because it makes it the perfect mattress for an adjustable bed, but at the same time you are getting pressure point reduction on the top end of your mattress.  You have the best of both worlds.

When you buy a latex mattress from, it’s a good idea for about $1,000 extra, to include in your purchase an adjustable bed frame.  For a person that has sleep apnea or other breathing difficulties, for the person with acid reflux, if you just want to watch tv or use your laptop in bed – all of these are great reasons to get the natural latex mattress/adjustable bed combination.  One without the other just would make things incomplete.  And there really is no other mattress like the natural latex mattress, whose durability, resiliency, flexibility, and weight distribution properties make it such a good choice as a mattress for the almost-as-wonderful adjustable bed.

How Long Does a Latex Mattress Last?

how long does a latex mattress lastMany people want to know the answer to the question, “How long does a latex mattress last?” because they have gone through many mattresses, and would like to finally settle down with one. That almost sounds like dating vs. courting or marriage, but truthfully it can be quite discouraging to continue to buy mattresses that don’t hold up for very long, that sag prematurely, or that just don’t provide the promised level of comfort for any lasting period of time. People are seeking not only answers to the questions “When should I buy a new mattress?” and “How much does a latex mattress cost?”, but additionally once they have determined that their jig is up with trying one mattress after another, how long can they expect their latex mattress to last before having to start the process over again and get a new one?

Well, there really is hope and promise with a latex mattress; so much so in fact, that the best latex mattress offerings come guaranteed to last up to 20 years and sometimes more. The most reputable manufacturers of natural latex mattresses will provide a warranty of 20 years. And think about it, that is quite a promise and guarantee! Barring any abuse or strange misuse, a mattress really should last that long when it is made out of natural materials. One of the best substantiating reasons why latex foam mattresses can last that long is because the foam rubber core within them is extremely elastic, resilient, and durable. Other foam or pillow top mattresses give out, cave in, sag, or bottom out in shorter periods of time because they are not made to repeatedly absorb the weight of a person and spring back. Latex mattresses form to the contours of a person’s body while he or she is lying on one, and then when arising, the material quickly regains the original shape prior to the pressure being applied to it.

Why would a manufacturer of any product put a full 20 years warranty on it? That’s taking quite a big risk to have to replace or repair something that far out if something goes wrong. Not all latex mattresses do have that kind of warranty on them; however, that is the kind of mattress that sells. Realize that when other companies claim that they have only 100% latex mattresses, that that doesn’t mean they use natural latex. Any synthetic latex mattress or blended latex mattress (part real latex and part synthetic latex) can lawfully claim to be that 100 percent latex mattress, but it doesn’t mean that it is all natural by any means, and check the warranty to see how long it is expected to last! Because in most cases only 100% all natural latex mattresses carry the lengthy warranty of the industry-best 20 years. And in truth, the latex mattresses that Plushbeds sells can go beyond the 20 years (maybe 30 or so) – that’s how long a latex mattress can last!

Does a Latex Mattress Sleep Hot?

does a latex mattress sleep hotMany people in the market for a new mattress have had experience where they have been too hot sleeping on their previous mattress and want to know in particular – Does a latex mattress sleep hot? I could just come out and say no, that latex mattresses don’t sleep hot, but let me be more explanatory by outlining why latex mattresses generally sleep a lot cooler than other mattresses like a pillow top mattress, memory foam, or other bedding materials used on mattresses.

Let me first clarify that “real latex mattresses,” or in other words natural latex mattresses, don’t sleep hot, while other synthetic latex mattresses may sleep too hot for an individual’s liking. The feature within a natural latex mattress that makes it sleep cooler is the thousands of tiny holes (from air bubbles) that are created in the frothing process that are then “baked in” during the vulcanizing process (where it is heated up quickly and then frozen). This produces a system wherein the heat from a person’s body doesn’t get trapped against them, but rather is ventilated and makes its way into the mattress and dissipates or escapes. The sleeper doesn’t have the unfortunate outcome where the heat has nowhere to escape to while they continue to get warmer and warmer. The open-ended cell structure of a natural latex mattress is a godsend to those seeking relief from an already warmer body temperature or for people who experience night sweats (such as women in menopause).

Hopefully you can now understand better why latex mattresses are a choice sleeping surface and the mechanism behind why they sleep a lot cooler than competing mattresses. Keep in mind, too, another of the extra wonderful latex mattress benefits (providing that it is made of natural latex) is that it doesn’t require flipping and it is a mattress that doesn’t sag, either. You will love the comfort that you feel all seasons of the year as you sleep at a very consistent temperature on a natural latex mattress!

How Much Does a Latex Mattress Cost?

how much does a latex mattress costHow much does a latex mattress cost? The question should be: How much does a good latex mattress cost? The pricing really depends upon several factors as to what you will end up paying for a latex mattress. One of the first things that you will need to consider is if the mattress you really want is an all natural latex mattress, or will synthetic latex be enough to meet your expectations? For some people, “going green” isn’t so much of a priority, so they go the route of the synthetic latex material and are fine with that, believing and feeling that the latex experience will be good enough. And that is just dandy for them. Others demand and expect a 100% natural latex mattress (and keep in mind there is certainly a distinction between the 100% natural latex mattress and the 100% latex mattress!) not only because of the comfort they get from it, but because of the durability. Natural latex mattresses have an elasticity that is unparalleled. That is why they have such good warranties on them. Besides that, they ventilate your body heat better so you don’t overheat.

Natural latex mattresses last an awful long time (beyond 20 years), which is one of the reasons they cost more, but it is also because of the equipment used to form and make an all natural latex mattress core. The molds can be north of $10,000! Then with the Talalay latex mattress procedure there are extra steps to be taken to equally distribute the latex particles and even out the air bubbles so it is less dense and an overall softer mattress. Dunlop mattresses by comparison are much denser and take less effort to make, thus the cost factor is less of an issue. We’re talking hundreds of dollars less. So – how much you will pay for a good quality latex mattress at just the right comfort level (the right mixture of Talalay and Dunlop layering) can in general be answered by – up to $2,000 or more. Some online retailers, like Plushbeds of course, can get you a top quality natural latex mattress for just under that because we buy in bulk and we have less of the brick-and-mortar overhead that you would expect from a walk-in establishment. Of course you should note that you will pay less than the $2,000 mentioned above for a 6-inch latex mattress, and a little bit more for a 9-inch natural latex mattress.

When shopping around to buy a latex mattress you really need to make sure that you aren’t just comparing latex mattress cost. Certainly you would want the best latex mattress at the best possible price. But you just need to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. A good guide for this can be found at, where they talk about the points to go by when comparing latex mattress brands and offerings. How much does a latex mattress cost? Well, it really depends, but anything less than $1,000 is probably not good quality material and anything north of $5,000 is probably a ripoff!