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Latex Mattress Reviews

If you are in the market for a latex mattress and want to find some latex mattress reviews, the more appropriate thing for you to do would be to do some of your own detective work.  After all, latex mattress reviews can and will be biased, so you would be well-advised to follow a strategy as outlined below to garner some of your very own latex mattress reviews, or quasi-reviews anyway.  After all, what your real goal was in the first place of seeking out latex mattress reviews by some party or parties unknown to you was to get a glimpse into what they thought is a good solid latex mattress buy; but who more to trust than yourself?

The first thing to do to get your own “latex mattress reviews” is to call or visit at least 3 different companies.  You know how when you want a quote on something (like insurance or car repairs) you go comparative shopping amongst at least 3 different places?  Well, for your latex mattress reviews you are going to employ a similar method, only you aren’t intent on getting price quotes.  You are asking stupid questions.  That’s right, have a list of a few stupid questions to ask the salesperson whether it is over the phone because it is an internet-based company or face-to-face in a brick and mortar store.  For example, ask this question to the sales person, “If your latex mattress was a car, what kind would it be and why?”  Be very sincere about this, and see if they blow you off.  If they pass this test of patience with about 5 different “blockhead questions,” then you can go on to the next phase of your latex mattress reviews gathering criteria.  The main reason behind this strategy is that in every transaction there is established some level of trust, the more the better.  You will more readily trust someone that doesn’t discriminate against you because they think you are an idiot.

The next phase (if they pass muster with the first) is to get into their head a little bit and ask the salesperson direct questions about his or her latex mattress.  If you say something that could catch them off guard if they were not forthright, like, “Which month of the year did you buy your first latex mattress in?”  If they say that they don’t have a latex mattress yet for whatever reason, you should probably keep shopping.  If they say that it was “right about this time of year”, they are probably trying to suggestively sell you (what are the odds – 1 in 12).  If they tell you they got theirs in a random month, it is probably more truthful.  You do this so your latex mattress reviews will be more genuine and you can establish more trust that they have a latex mattress themselves (from their own company), and they are a product of the product.

Phase 3 of your latex mattress reviews is to determine what the return policy would be.  If the sales people you have interviewed have passed the above two latex mattress reviews questions, you can get more precise with them because there is a level of trust.  Ask them if you just simply changed your mind on a whim and simply thought it was just too much money, could you get your money back even after having slept on the mattress, would they give you your money back no questions asked?  No questions asked should be included.  You want to see how much they want your business.  If they agree with it, and you have a written guarantee from them that includes that, you can let your guard down a bit and feel fortunate that you have a winner that has passed your latex mattress reviews inquiries positively, and it is now time to purchase your latex mattress.

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Latex Mattress Advantages

When it comes right down to it, you don’t want an uncomfortable mattress to be your sleeping companion night after night.  But what you may not realize yet is that is most likely what you have.  The latex mattress advantages are what you are about to be introduced to.  Latex mattress advantages are many and varied.  The first latex mattress advantage would have to be its simplicity and comfort.  With a latex mattress, one of the advantages is that you don’t have anything mechanical to worry about.  No sleep number, no nothing.  You just lay down on your mattress and it “sleep numbers” you all by itself.  How’s that for easy and nontechnical?

The second advantage to a latex mattress is that it isn’t going to sink in and make you feel like you are in a pile of quick sand, which is most uncomfortable.  It’s like falling in the loo almost.  Latex mattresses have the advantage of being as firm or as soft as you want them to be, because the latex material can be produced to fit your special requests.

More latex mattress advantages: latex can keep out the bedbugs better, and there is an epidemic of bedbugs in our nation and around the world if you haven’t yet heard.  Bedbugs can travel without being detected and that’s how their spread has gone on so effectively.  Did you know bedbugs can be found in quite sanitary spaces like office space and retail stores, movie theatres and department stores?  Latex mattresses have the advantage of not having the open space inside of them like innerspring mattresses do to harbor flourishing family bed bug nesting places.  Gross!

Latex mattresses have the advantage of being very durable, and they have a long “shelf life.”  That is to say that a latex mattress, because of the fine natural material that it is constructed from, will continue to last and last for more than 20-30+ years of pure sleeping enjoyment.  Just don’t get too crazy and oversleep on a latex mattress and miss work!  Another of the latex mattress advantages: it is springy.  You come up off of a latex mattress and there isn’t a hole there.  It immediately takes on its original shape as before you lay down upon it.

The advantages of latex mattresses go beyond these; find more out about how latex is made and how it can affect your health and sleep at

Latex Mattress Topper

Due to the fact that latex mattresses are so well-liked, to obtain even more of a market exposure, producers are also providing the latex mattress topper. People who can’t afford the even more high-priced latex mattress can ordinarily afford the latex mattress topper. The greatness of the latex mattress topper is that it offers them a feel for what a actual latex mattress will likely be like as soon as they decide to take the plunge and purchase a latex mattress some time in the future. But, in the meantime, their latex mattress topper has all the excellent properties of a natural latex mattress if selected wisely.

A natural latex mattress topper isn’t made from petrochemicals, therefore it will last significantly longer and deliver maximum comfort. Natural latex which is not mixed with other fillers or additives provide you with the best probable possibility at sleeping in style and comfort. A natural latex mattress topper is more elastic, so it will be additional durable in the long run and last longer than any synthetic mix.

It’s doable to craft the latex mattress topper to the exact measurements which you give to a provider that deals in latex mattress toppers. The whole knowledge is customized, making you really feel better about your buy.

Natural latex toppers do not get discolored, sag, or break down, and they come back to their original kind just about immediately once pressure is released from them. It is also terrific for allergy sufferers, being that it doesn’t consist of the harsh chemicals. You are going to discover that any superior latex mattress topper is resistant to dust mites.

In case you have ever had the encounter of sweating during sleep due to a mattress, rest assured that with a natural latex mattress topper you won’t have to worry about this phenomenon for the reason that they breathe rather nicely. You are going to really feel lots of good circulation of air, as the heat is pulled away from your body and your body is cooled. is among the premier buying sites on the Internet for the latex mattress topper and latex mattresses. Pay a visit to them now!

What is a Latex Mattress?

Is a Latex Mattress the Right Choice?

No doubt nowadays, when there is a vast choice of mattresses of different types, it becomes more difficult for consumers to make a final decision on a latex mattress, or just which mattress would suite them. Most individuals wishes to have a good sleep from night to night. Thus the reason every one of us needs to buy a mattress after proper research and thought. To start with you need to state exactly what you are looking for, then you’ll find the mattress meeting all your requirements. Chiefly, depending upon your requirement you might need a RV mattress, truck mattress or a sleeper sofa mattress. Beyond doubt that irrespective of the type of mattress you are looking for, you’ll definitely want it to be comfortable, and a latex mattress fits the bill best.

Latex Mattress Types

Actually, the latex mattresses available can be of two types: one is natural and the other one is synthetic. Now, let’s dwell upon advantages and disadvantages of these two types.Let us discuss natural latex mattress first. Without a doubt natural latex mattresses are far better in quality and comfort because they are made from natural products of rubber trees. Another advantage of natural latex mattresses is that they are very durable. And even more, they can be a good choice for people suffering from backache, allergies or those having sensitive skin. Another important detail is that such mattresses are hypoallergenic in nature as they do not contain allergy producing irritants.

The Comfort of a Latex Mattress

In fact, this type of mattresses is really wonderful, because they also have breathable aspect which is commendable. No matter whether it’s winter or summer outside, you can still sleep comfortably on your latex natural mattress.  Moreover, when sleeping on such mattresses you will feel warm during the cold season and relaxingly cool during a hot day.

Additional Latex Mattress Advantages

Another plus is that you can specify the amount of firmness you want. Be careful in order not to select the latex mattress with lack of support, or too soft. You won’t have a good sleep on such a mattress. In fact the mattress needs to be compact enough to give better support to your body while sleeping on it.

A Synthetic Latex Mattress

It is high time to talk about synthetic latex mattress. Indeed, this is a type of mattress made from natural latex through a chemical process using petroleum-based materials. This kind of latex mattress is slightly stiffer than a natural one. You should understand that synthetic latex or syntex in common terms mimics the functions of a real latex bed but with some of the missing appeals of natural latex. Even though synthetic latex offers the same resilient comfort, still, since it is made up of chemicals and synthetic contents, it is not hypoallergenic. That is why it is not recommended for people suffering from chemical allergies to purchase this mattress. Moreover, something unpleasant about this mattress is that it is not biodegradable and sustainable, unlike a real natural 100% latex bed.

Durability Issues With Natural Vs. Synthetic Latex Mattresses

Speaking about synthetic latex mattresses I cannot but mention that they are not more durable then natural ones. Lastly, some consumers say that they are bouncier than natural ones.To cut the long story short, buying latex mattresses you will not go wrong when it comes to comfort. No matter what type of mattresses you’ve decided to buy, it should be a good quality mattress. It is true that the quality mattress is the secret behind a good night sleep and a good health.

Top 10 Memory Foam Mattress Complaints

Buy a quality memory foam mattress. If you can’t afford a whole mattress, then at least invest in a quality mattress topper pad. Take our advice, and you will avoid the most common complaints below. Remember, the bitter taste of a poor quality mattress remains long after the sweet taste of a cheap price.

Memory foam mattresses may be one of the most popular sleeping surfaces today but not even they are spared from consumer complaints which often leads to returns and refunds. Here are the top complaints related to memory foam:

1. Temperature Sensitivity – Memory foam readily reacts to temperature. A visco memory mattress is softer in warmer environments and colder in cooler temperatures. This means that in the summer the foam mattress may feel all squishy and soft while in winter-time or in colder rooms, the mattress may feel hard and cold like sand or a slab. Getting the right level of firmness is level influenced by personal preference. Lower density mattresses own| certain| often have this problem. TIP – Only buy mattresses with a density of 5LB or higher. Plushbeds, Inc. is the only company we know of that uses 8 lb memory foam in every bedroom mattress they offer.

2. Sleeps Hot – Memory foam mattresses sleep hotter than traditional innerspring mattresses because { the
denser cell structure| they have denser structure which } means air has trouble flowing through. Another
getting| reason for heat-related problems Tempurpedic and other memory mattresses have is its body- contouring ability which results in more skin touching the mattress than being exposed to air. Exposure to air helps the skin to cool. TIP – Make sure your memory foam mattress has a ventilation system.

3. Price – Memory foam is a revolutionary material that is costly to produce. Memory foam mattress prices range between $800 and $4,000. TIP – Don’t buy the cheapest or the most expensive. Aim for a good value in a mid-price range.

4. Weight – Memory foam is one of the densest polyurethane foams out there. A cube 1 meter in each direction can weigh up to a whopping 6lb. A cube of Tempurpedic foam weighs 5.34lb. This means a memory foam mattress means| is difficult to move and setup, especially if you suffer from back pain or other health problems. TIP – Buy your mattress online so it is shipped to your door. Most delivery carriers will bring it to the room of your choice for a small tip.

5. Restrictions – Memory foam mattresses have some restrictions for use. For example, you cannot use electric heaters or blankets as that may damage the memory foam. You also need to place the mattress on a solid, completely flat foundation. Do not even think of using slated bed frames. Tip – You might be able to upgrade to an adjustable bed frame at a nice discount if bought at the same time as your mattress.

6. Odor – Memory foam is a form of polyurethane foam and like any other chemical substance it has a strong odor when new. This is harmless, but still is annoying. TIP – While all memory foam will emit an initial factory odor, similar to a new car smell, higher quality mattresses often lose this odor in a few days, while cheaper mattresses may emit an odor indefinitely.

7. Sagging – Lower quality memory foam mattresses lose their ability to rebound as little as a few months. You may be stuck with a hole in the middle of the mattress. TIP – If we haven’t emphasized it yet, you get what you pay for.

8. Trial Policies – Most manufacturers offer generous 3 months home trials but before you jump on the bandwagon remember that if you return the memory foam mattress back you pay return shipping. A word of warning, shipping the mattress back can cost you more than the original delivery!. TIP – Keep your original mattress until you’re positive about your purchase. Shipping costs are a small risk to take when you consider the mattress company is prevented by law to re-sell your mattress, so your trial is a complete loss to them.

9. Adjustment Period – Unlike traditional spring mattresses, memory traditional| regular| common| foam mattresses require an adjustment period thanks to the unique weightlessness feeling it induces. It also needs a break in period for the mattress to give a little. TIP – Adjusting to the superior comfort and support of memory foam is usually a pleasurable experience for many users, so we have no advice on how to avoid it.

10. Cleaning Difficulty – Because of the open cell structure, visco-elastic memory foam mattresses are very difficult to clean. Spills and stains { are impossible to remove| cannot
Spills| be cleaned| cannot be removed } which can void your warranty. TIP – Invest in a mattress protector to protect your new investment. Some mattress retailers will throw one in for free with your memory foam mattress order