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Why Did Natural Latex Mattresses Catch on and Where Are They Headed Next?

Natural latex mattresses are not just about hype or pomp and circumstance.  They are the real thing.  Though you will pay a bit more to buy a natural latex mattress than a synthetic one or even another type of mattress, it will pay off bigtime in the benefits you reap from sleeping on it.  How might the natural latex mattress improve your sleep, you may wonder.   The first thing that you will notice sleeping on latex is that you don’t have to worry about your body’s curvature suspending parts of you above the bed.  Basically that is saying that the latex fills in those crevices that would not normally come into contact with your body.  That is a welcome relief because then you have no added pressure or weight forcing tender parts of your body, like your neck, shoulders, back, knees, etc.

A latex foam mattress has been a real highlight just the past few years in the United States as more and more people adopt it as their go-to mattress of choice.  Besides being so completely comfortable, because the latex mattress is so elastic, it lasts a very long time and is warrantied to 20 years.  This gives many consumers the go-ahead to buy one because they know it won’t soon wear out or become ineffectual.

If you have ever slept on memory foam, the experience on latex is similar, although with latex you don’t run the risk of being allergic to your mattress, and you have less chance of being too hot while you sleep.  Can you start to see now why latex is being used so much in mattresses?  This uptick in mattresses made with latex is causing the latex supply to dwindle somewhat and follow the supply-demand curve towards a pricey area, so you had better get a latex mattress sooner than later.

Another detail worth mentioning about latex mattresses is that they give way to very little transfer of motion.  Most people have experienced when their sleeping partner has caused the mattress to shift or bounce because of their tossing and turning or thrashing about.  This won’t happen with the latex foam mattress because as cushiony as it is it doesn’t allow for that motion transfer to happen.  This is a great advantage to have because the sleeping habits of one partner don’t have to affect the other.  Natural latex mattresses are a great investment, are not the least bit faddish, and there is little in the way of stopping them going forward.

The Two Best RV Mattress Types To Have Are These

It’s a beautiful time of year to make sure you have a good rv mattress in your recreational vehicle so you can be all ready to hit the road and go camping, touring, or just visiting your relatives.  The reason an rv mattress is so important is because your rv is kind of like your house.  You want all the so-called “creature-comforts” that you can get so that everything is as homey as possible.  Because you won’t be spending as many daytime hours in your rv, but more night time hours, you will want to put your replacement rv mattress as a priority.  In fact, you will be sleeping in your rv more than you are driving usually.

RV mattresses come in all shapes and rv mattress sizes, so make sure you get one that is customizable to fit the bed in your rv.  Two really great choices are memory foam rv mattresses and the latex rv mattress.  Both of these offer a whole lot of comfort and support, which is what a mattress should be designed to do in the first place, but the factory-made rv mattress that comes installed in your rv initially is not truly fit for the job.  If you think about it, it really is not a priority for the rv manufacturer, since there are so many other considerations that they put into the rv construction.

Anyway, you can’t go wrong with latex or memory foam rv mattresses, as both of these conform to the shape of your body’s curves, and if you are a “Baby Boomer” you will appreciate the fact that you won’t wake up with aches and pains because your mattress is flat.  Neither of these mattresses stay flat like a board when you sleep upon them, they follow your curvature very nicely.

When you know which rv mattress you want, go ahead and get your measurements so you can report your rv mattress sizes so it can be cut to the specs you need.  That is the great thing about it.  Even though there are so many sizes of rv mattresses, you can get the exact size that you need and nothing less.  Are you ready to hit the road now?  After you install your mattress for your rv, it’s time to get planning a road trip and hit the road for some vacationing!

Convincing a Regular Mattress Owner to Switch Over to the Latex Mattress

Some people couldn’t really care less if they slept on a latex mattress or a rock. But I am here to tell you that these people are fooling themselves if they think that they wouldn’t secretly love to own and sleep every night on a latex mattress. I am sure that they probably can and do sleep on something that is not terribly comfortable, but is economical and at least does the job for them. And maybe they have been in the military and could sleep standing up or sleep with their eyes open, but there is just something about the latex mattress that works its magic on people once they get a feel for it. It is like a dog that gets in the chicken barn. He continually thereafter has a taste for chicken and doesn’t forget it. After you have slept one night on a latex mattress you are hooked.

One of the biggest reasons why you could take someone that has never slept on anything so comfortable as a latex foam mattress and give him that opportunity and he will straightway want to own one for the rest of his life is because latex mattresses are customizable. So now we aren’t talking about one size fits all anymore, but instead something that is tailored to the individual person. Think about hat for a spell. Even someone that claims that they don’t desire anything better than they already have will want something that is made just for them and for no other person (except for maybe their spouse). The truth is, natural latex mattresses are customizable because they can be molded for a different firmness depending on the likes of the person in question. That is a huge advantage over other mattresses in the marketplace today. No wonder latex foam mattresses are all the rage!

Another reason why someone who doesn’t initially think that they could ever like a latex mattress better than any other mattress could get hooked on one is that these people don’t usually like change. If they can overcome that hurdle, then they will never have to change again, because depending how old they are they could have the latex mattress for the rest of their lives, since the natural latex mattress does indeed last longer than most if not ever other mattress out there! Hopefully this has convinced those who are staunch and set in their ways to try out the spectacular latex mattress.

The Differences Between Your Old Traditional Mattress and Your New Latex Mattress

Once you own a latex mattress it is very hard to look back upon any other mattress type with any type of fondness. There are so many things that you recognize that were missing in your other ordinary mattress. It may not seem like a big deal to those who have never experienced sleep on a latex mattress, but for those who make the jump from non-latex to then sleeping on latex, there is a huge difference that becomes apparent and very noticeable. The first thing that you will notice on a new latex mattress is how you aren’t sleeping in a spoon anymore. Your old mattress has probably caved in to the point that there is an indentation there, and you may indeed feel like you are in a hole when sleeping in it. But not so with the latex mattress. Latex mattresses are almost like living, breathing entities because they have such elastic properties unlike pillow top mattresses or innerspring mattresses. They expand and contract very nicely so that you don’t have to worry about them becoming concave.

Another difference between your old mattress and your latex mattress is that your natural latex mattress isn’t going to put off any funny odors or get dust mites (or worse, bed bugs!). Your latex foam mattress has a pretty solid though breathable core so that it doesn’t host critters well at all. What’s more is that natural latex mattresses are antimicrobial, and resistant to mold and mildew because of their natural chemistry. You won’t be allergic to your bed, either, because it is hypoallergenic and actually biodegradable.

But the biggest noticeable difference that you will realize immediately sleeping on a latex mattress is how comfortable it is compared to anything else you have laid your back upon. The difference is night and day to what you are used to. Once you rest on a latex mattress you will have a hard time getting up in the morning because of the way that it makes you feel. Latex foam mattresses give you so much comfort and support at the same time, which you will often find yourself wanting to take naps or just to curl up and read a good book. So, if you have never had a latex mattress in your life, now is the time to buy one because the latex material is becoming ever scarcer.

How Do I Buy a Really Good Latex Mattress Within the Bedding Marketplace?

Buying a latex mattress can have a few bumps and hazards that you need to watch out for. One of the biggest warnings is that you probably shouldn’t get a synthetic latex mattress if you are really looking for the natural latex mattress experience. There is quite a big difference between a natural latex mattresses and the synthetic version. One of the starkest differences is the quality. Sure, at first you may think that a synthetic on feels just as good as a natural latex mattress, but what you do not realize is that it is made out of harsh chemicals that could irritate your skin or respiratory system if you are sensitive or allergic. Another huge difference is that the latex mattress made of natural latex will last a lot longer and not cave in or become compressed. In fact, natural latex mattresses generally come with 20 year warranties to prove their worth.

Don’t get caught in buy a latex mattress that is a blend. This is another sucker’s choice where you are lured into thinking that you are getting natural, where it really is only 30 percent or thereabouts natural latex. The rest is completely synthetic. And don’t get a latex mattress that has fillers and additives. Make sure you can get the salesperson to quote you that the latex mattress is 100 percent all natural, nothing more, nothing less.

You should also make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company and not a fly-by-night latex mattress company. A latex mattress company that is rated well with the Better Business Bureau says a lot about both their quality and service. If they have a low rating with the BBB, it goes without saying that they care more about the bottom line than the customer.

Make sure you have a good interaction with the person you are dealing with at the latex mattress company you buy from. Maybe you call back a few times with different questions and get yourself familiar with them and see if they really care about your needs and wants, and that they don’t brush you off or try to hurry you through the sale.

There are some good common sense rules to follow that you probably are already aware of when it comes to purchasing big ticket items, but make sure you buy a latex mattress company that will give you a 100 night sleep trial so you know that you will thoroughly be pleased with your latex mattress purchase.