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The Natural Latex Mattress vs. Synthetic Latex Mattress

Is a natural latex mattress all that much better than a regular latex mattress? By regular, the meaning would be a mattress made of synthetic latex. Many people might think that natural latex mattresses aren’t all that much better than synthetic latex mattresses, but those who know more about latex would tell you otherwise. The […]

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Is Talalay Latex Natural?

Is Talalay latex natural… is an interesting question. I guess the real answer to that is that it can be. Actually, although the question crops up from time to time it might be hard to remember, so here’s a little refresher – a Talalay latex mattress and a Dunlop latex mattress differ not necessarily because […]

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How Much Does a Latex Mattress Cost?

How much does a latex mattress cost? The question should be: How much does a good latex mattress cost? The pricing really depends upon several factors as to what you will end up paying for a latex mattress. One of the first things that you will need to consider is if the mattress you really […]

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