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There are a Variety of “Latex Mattresses” in the Market Place

When you first start shopping for a latex mattress, unless you have done your homework in advance, you may think that all latex is the same and that a latex mattress is a latex mattress is a latex mattress. Not so. In fact, there are a variety of latex mattresses that are sold, many which […]

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Where Does Natural Latex Come From?

Natural latex is a wonderful product whose uses and benefits are varied and plentiful. Latex is used for gloves, balloons, clothing, and yes even mattresses! Natural latex comes from many different plant species, though most of them are not useful for their latex. One of the best sources for natural latex, especially for the natural […]

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Are There Any Downsides or Disadvantages to a Latex Mattress?

There are some downsides to owning a latex mattress. But it kind of all boils down to how you look at it and your point of view. One downside is that you might end up sleeping longer and your spouse could end up thinking that you are lazy. You’ll love how the latex mattress feels […]

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